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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Rain Rain go away
Well, summer time is becoming a dud right now. It's been raining and It's so... er! fustrating! you know? I hate the rain, it just makes me all depressed and I can'ty go outside and take my walks so I can go down to the weight I want, escpeically when I have the holidays coming up soon and I'm gonna gain even more weight, [although I'm not fat] and yeah -.-;

Call it a girl thing but it's true.

Last night was awesome though. I watched that Naruto Marathon and it was sweet! <3 Especially those last two episodes. I <3 Tsunade, she's like, awesome! I hope they bring Sasuke-kun back in soon. I miss him! T_T

[although I'm definatly ghetting a kick out of reading the manga, so much Sasukeness!!! ^^]

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Saturday, July 7, 2007

I'm so horrible keeping this site updated ._.
I know, once again I pulled another dissappearing act. I couldn't help it. I've been babysitting for my nephews for a while and my sister didn't have internet back then. I've been babysitting two little boys. I mean, it's not an easy job. Of course, I'm doing really good with them cause my mom told me I have natural "maturnal" instincs. Which is good because when I plan to have my own baby [though not any time soon now] still, it doesn't change the fact they can be a handful.
And then later on today I'm going to be going to my newphews party. He's going to be one years old. Isn't that sweet? <3 I can't believe that kid is going to be a year old. That youngest one, his name is kedrynn, he's such a cutie pie! And in august, the 28th, the older nephew Draven is going to be three years old. His birthday is going to be at ChuckE Cheese's xD

Okay well, on to other business. I found out I have too much cooper in my blood. The doctors said I'm at the level of depression boarding on a mental illness. As I get older, it can devolp into me being rather psychotic... I have such a lovely future to look forward to, don't I? XD

Mmm... and that's pretty much it. I must take my shower now. :O

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Omfg I really need to vent right now!! DDX

Alright I'm sorry but after talking to my friend I... I can't help it but Karin (in the Naruto shippuden although she hasn't appeared in the anime) REALLY NEEDS TO FUCKEN DIE!! ;-;!!!


and then my friend over here thinks Karin is useful, oh she can locate chakra but can she fight!? pft, I doubt it since she's not an obvious threat to Akatsuki... HAHA KARIN YOU FUCKEN LOSE!

*sigh* Sorry about this, I just needed to erm... vent... ._.'

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Woo my birthday is almost here and I'm so excited. :]
I'm going to be 16... yay me! XD

Lol anyway sorry for the less updatingness... I was erm... just being busy with my school life and all the crap. I'ver ben doing my piles of homework and all this crap. Trying to make a new wallpaper and trying to finish that damn manga cover. Anyway here's a smale of it. I'm further in the coloring now. I need to finish her rope and her skirt to be done with her before I move on to Sasuke.


And here's a Sakura picture that was colroed and put into my fanart... er well the original one.


and that's it!
I'm gonna go to school now e.e;;; bye

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Monday, April 23, 2007

once again I fail at jumping out in the morning to go to school. I despise school with a passion but I go anyway so I don't get my mom in trouble and crap like that, and also cause it depends on my future too. I wish there was some sort of night school I could go to... like, take online courses of night school... stay up all night and sleep in all day. That'd be the life.

Anyways, today when I get home, I'll get to coloring that manga cover! and Before I submit to the actaul manga page, I want to get the first page of it done first. I'll be posting my manga cover in my deviant art account since i did photoshop it for my coloring.

Anyway must finished getting dress, Ja!


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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The lack of update... well at least it wasn't like ten months later, right? rofl XD anyway sorry for the disapperence, I'm so busy it's not funny. Nothing very exciting has really happened lately. But eh...

I'm almost done coloring the manga cover. I still have Sakura and Naruto to color but then I'll post it up after I'm done with that, kay? :] so be pateint. Anyway gotta go now, bye!


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Monday, April 9, 2007

I think I may be growing on to this place. :]
My second third post and they're all pretty much close together, right?

Anyway as of now I'm working on a manga cover for my offical first manga. Of course it's going to feature naruto, and there's going o be a bit of a love triangle between my OC, Sasuke-kun and Sakura. I have a couple names for the manga flowing through my mind. But I'll decide. I need to outline it and clean it up a little. I'll be doing the cleaning up on photoshop and stuff. So wait for that to com out, it might take a while but I hope you guys can wait.


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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Awe freakin hell! I had such a wonderful time at the concert last night!

The first band that played was called, "The confession" and holy freakin hell they were a lot better than I thought they would be! Their lead singer was so awesome! and really entertained us! XD he was all rubbing the mic on his crotch and stuff and I couldn't help but laugh.

Then Escape the Fate played and they were awesome too! Like, really! the crowd was freakin going for them! XD and the best part about it is I touched the lead singers ass. Rofl, a nice grab and I was all "eee!!!" oh my god and the damn mosh pits for this. I swear I felt as if I was going to throw up! Or like tossed on the stage a few times.

But the moment I had been waiting for was to see FUCKEN BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE!! omfg!!! Matt was ssssssssooooooooo freakin sexy! >;D rawr.

I got to touch matt's stomach and his leg! Not to mention I got to drink from the same water bottle as him. Or either that he just opened it and tossed it to the crowd. But none the less I loved it! I head banged until I probably gave myself some whip lash! My neck is so soar right now it's not even funny. Lol and I kept screaming, I was all "MATT! MATT! I LOVE YOU!" and I screamed during the songs when they were singing. I was so happy they decided to be Hand Of Blood, Tears, and All the things I hate! Those were my favorite songs! omfg! I also heard the new song that's gonna be on their album! omfg omfg! I can't wait!
But now the excitment is gone...and I'm depressed. I want to go back. Or go back in time to relive the expierence and to have it never end. Man I loved them...-sigh-


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Monday, March 12, 2007

Damn it's been so long since I've been here. I really wanted to get things going again like the way I had used to when I first joined this site a couple years back. I still can't believe I never got my old password back from my older site. I had so many friends it wasn't funny.

I guess in a since I've been living my life and having fun on other internet websites. I don't know I guess I grew out of MyOtaku. But don't get my wrong, I still love anime with a burning passion. I've been going through highschool and all that crap so everything becomes a bit more difficult when you go through this. I have some major tests like... starting tomorrow and I'm really, eh about it. I just don't want to do it anymore. It makes me tired, I want to fall down and throw a fit like a two year old, you know?

Plus, I've been dealing with loads of stress and depression. It's not as much fun as one would think, you know? Anyway I guess I'm going to go clean out my friends list and start anew. Getting new friends and such. I'm going to PM everyone on my friends list to see if you guys still want on my friend's list. I guess I'll explain more about what I've been up to later. Okay, see ya.


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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Holding Onto Memories
Well, today was another day in school. So tiring. Sometimes I wish they had schools for like the nocternal of something. I get soooo sleepy during the day ._.

But here is the first chapter of my story called, Holding Onto Memories, a Naruto fanfiction, pairing SasukexItachixOC

Chapter One

Today was the day Shiori Mizuka, would make my escape from the Akatsuki. She was a girl of seventeen years old and was to be watched over from the one named Uchiha Itachi, but no more, because Mizuka was finally escaping this hell hole. "Where do you plan on going, Mizuka-san?"
The girl turned around and her aqua green eyes narrowed into a glare. Her red hair also had flipped behind her back. It was tied up in a large black hair tie. Some hair had cascaded down her shoulders. Her Akatsuki cloak hid her small love handles, she’s had way too many cookies. But it was nothing she couldn’t work off. “...,” she was silent for a moment.
She turned around and smirked at him, "I'm going away... for good!" Mizuka yelled.
The girl hated being here, she never wanted to join the Akatsuki. But she was forced too, that day she was captured in the forest. “I’m afraid not...” His voice was cold and emotionless.
The Uchiha grabbed her wrists firmly, to the pont where she could see red mark forming on her ghost pale skin. Before it used to be pale, but it was just a sickly ghost white now. The girl jerked back her hand and held her sore wrist. “I’m not going to stay, Uchiha!” Mizuka said bitterly.
Finally, she took out the sleeping gas pills and dropped them on the ground. The cave started to fill up with its sleepy spores. Mizuka put her hand over her mouth and made her way out of the cave. "Catch me if you can... Akatsuki!" She called out in my triumph.
She laughed a bit before she saluted the cave and saw the gas now come out from the cave. Mizuka soon made her steady stride into the forest and kept her eyes closed. She then took off her forehead protector that was in long, tied up red hair. As Mizuka stared into the metal plate, which held the symbol of Konoha, She could see her aqua green eyes staring back at her. Mizuka’s face was rather slender, but it still had a nice roundness to it. Once again, she noticed the sickly ghost white it was. Hoping soon the sun would make it back to the nice radiant paleness it had. She tied her forehead protector back up into her hair, like a head band. Along the way Mizuka started to whistle a calm tune that seemed to set the scenery around in the forest. She soon heard some voices from the far part of the forest. Something that sounded like 'You're such a loser!'
And, 'Shut up, Sasuke!'
The curiosity seemed to get the better of her. She couldn't help herself, so Mizuka slowly crept up behind the bushes and peered out of them, keeping her chakra low with the necklace she had under her cloak. Mizuka’s dark red hair flowed into the gentle howl of the wind. "Naruto, don't be an idiot!" The pink haired kunoichi yelled hitting the blonde on the head.
"Not my fault Sasuke is such a jerk!" The blonde cried.
"Sasuke isn't a jerk!" She whined and hit the blonde on the head again. ‘Naruto, eh? Wasn't the Akatsuki after him?’ Mizuka thought. Something was behind her and she turned around to see the man, most likely the jounin of the group. "Hello there" He said casually.
"Whoa!" she yelled and stumbled back and fell on her ass. They were probably thinking what kind of kunoichi is she? The pink haired girl gasped and angrily spoke, "Another Akatsuki member after Naruto?"
She stood up and dusted herself off. "I'm no longer in that group..." Mizuka stated.
Mizuka looked over at the only who had to be Sasuke. ‘So, this is Uchiha Itachi's younger brother?’ She thought. She closed her aqua green eyes and felt a kunai at her neck. Surely enough it was the younger Uchiha. "How can we believe you?" He spoke.
She looked at him from the corner of her eye and she could see a cocky smile. "Well to tell the tru-" He pressed the kunai against her neck more.
"Explain yourself later, your coming with us." The jounin spoke.
Mizuka only shrugged her shoulders as if it was nothing. She acts like I doesn’t care, that's only because she is the laid back type of person. "Alright, I don't mind." she stated.
Though she did think it was unnecessary for them to pull her around like a dog with the rope they tied around her wrists. The jounin with his silver/grayish hair looked at her and seemed to arch his eyebrow. "You are no ordinary Akatsuki are you?" He asked.
Mizuka only grinned, "I'm one in a million!" Under the mask covering his face,
She could sense a smirk come to play. After a few hours of walking, the village ark came into view. "So where do you come from." Naruto asked her.
She only raisedher eyebrow and pulled down her head and showed the forehead protector, "What do you think, idiot?"
He only scowled and herd him mumble, "She acts like Sasuke... a jerk."
How dare he compare Mizuka to that Uchiha? Then yet... She was around one everyday of her life for a whole entire year! So maybe her smart ass ways were rubbed off from him. Mizuka noticed Itachi did give a lot of lip to the leader when he didn't agree with a plan of his. So maybe she got it from that side of the elder Uchiha. "Are we there yet?" Mizuka complained.
The rope was starting to give the girl a rash on her hands. "Almost" The jounin spoke.
To Mizuka it seemed to her that they entered the village. Many eyes of the civilians' had widened, for the catch that the four shinobi seemed to have caught. Well, Mizuka was more than willing to come along. They made it to the hokage's office. "Tell me; is Suratobi-dono... still around?" Mizuka asked.
Sakura looked over at her and she held a soft and sorrowful look. "No, he died... three years ago."
Mizuka held her hand to her mouth. So... he died. I won't ask how, I think I already have a feeling on which it is... I thought. The jounin led me into the Hokage's office. Inside I saw a female blonde, a very busty one in fact. She had her hair tied into two low pony tails. "What do we have here Kakashi? You guys caught an Akatsuki member?" She asked.
"Well... Tsunade-" The jounin began to speak.
Mizuka interrupted him in the middle of his sentence. "Not even, I was willing to come along." She spoke with a slight grin on her face.
"Hmm, willing? Why is that?" Tsunade had arched her eyebrow at Mizuka.
Sheesh, people are so suspicious. They can't trust her? Well, Mizuka was a part of a terrorist organization. "I WAS apart of the Akatsuki. I recently ran away." She told the fifth Hokage.
She then bowed in front of her. The loose red hair cascading down her shoulders. "Tsunade-dono was it," She asked looking up at Tsunade with her aqua green eyes, "I would like to ask permission. To stay in this village once again. I was forced into the Akatsuki one year ago. When I was residing in the forest for training. Suratobi-dono knew of my training therefore I wasn't a missing ninja. Now I beg of you to let me stay in this village once more." Mizuka said.
Her voice was soft and begging. If she was not able to, then the Akatsuki surely would find the girl easier. "If the Akatsuki by any chance come here to find me. You got them in your grasp... you can end them. Please... let me stay." Mizuka had stood up straight.
Mizuka could see the doubt on the blondes face. Her eyes closed and heavily sighed. "Alright, but for now we got conditions. Just to be on the safe side."
So, she was going to let her stay! But, conditions... what type? "That's understandable. You only want what's best for you village." Mizuka stated.
When Mizuka said that, Tsunade looked at the girl kind of weird. "You aren't a normal kunoichi or Akatsuki are you?" She asked.
Oh god, so many people ask her this, but she never minded! Mizuka always gave her simple answer. "I'm one in a million!"
Tsunade only shook her head. She got up and started searching through her papers. Then, she found a file and pulled it out. "You are... Shiori Mizuka, am I correct?" She asked.
Mizuka only nodded her head. "Alright, the conditions. You are to be staying with the choosing of Kakashi's choice. With-" Now she started looking through her drawers. She pulled out this black tracker. "You are to be wearing this. So we know of your whereabouts."
Mizuka only nodded her head again and she put the tracker bracelet around her wrist. "Ok" Mizuka spoke.
She looked at it. "Alright and that should be it. Also, who ever Kakashi picks, you must not leave them." Tsunade said.
She sighed heavily and nodded her head and obeyed like a good little girl. She understood this, but Mizuka really thought it wasn't necessary for her not to leave the person she is to stay with, side. Tsunade had shooed them out of her office. "Alright... who am I to stay with." She asked.
Stepping out his three students where still there. Well, maybe former students now. "You'll be staying with Uchiha Sasuke."
Sakura's jaw seemed to drop, and Sasuke's eyebrow twitch. Oh hell no, this was justher luck!

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