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Wednesday, November 5, 2003

   To make a long story short.....
Well, not that short....really. But Leigh's competition went really good. She got an honorable mention at the awards ceremony and after, she got a call back. But she couldn't go to it until 6:30 and it was only 5 so we decided to eat at the restaurant in the hotel. In the middle of eating Leigh said "Those poor girls. What are they thinking?".......I asked what she was talking about and she pointed out that all of the girls that were in the competition were eating leafy salads and carrot/celery sticks. I found this amusing. Having a perfect sister with a perfect figure doesn't really annoy me. What annoys me is the fact that she is the biggest pig!! She could beat just about anyone in an eating contest. She likes to eat 12 hotdogs in less than 5 minutes. And whenever we go to the subshop that's lees than 2 miles from my house she finishes her large steak and cheese sub before we're even halfway home!! Then she'll complain about how she's still hungry! All she ever does is eat..... and she's always hungry. It must be nice to have a metabolism that actually works. Her cholesterol must be really high lol. Anywhen, she got a callback with Advance, an agency from L.A. and the agent told Leigh that she was her #1 pick. Showering her with compliments like "You have the perfect height, the perfect body, beautiful skin, and those cheekbones!!" She wants Leigh on the runway. She also said that the agent who sat next to her was from Donald Trump's agency in L.A. and he also wrote Leigh's number down but he had to leave early so he couldn't talk to her. Leigh has to send her pictures to Advance and the lady said that Leigh and my mom need to go to agencies in New York. I think that they're going to go at the end of November and stay there for a few days. Leigh doesn't even graduate from Barbizon until the 17th of this month. The whole graduation is a fashion show so that should be ......um... fun?

In other, slightly less happy news. My darling cousin Cassie is moving in this weekend. Someone shoot me!! Please??!! All she ever does is make me babysit her 8 month old dauhgter. Hello, Laura is her godmother not me!! For the first 4 months of her life I had her almost everyday. She would always stay over night 4 days in a row!! For no reason other than Cassie is a lazy piece of crap!! And you know what pisses me off? There are absolutely no pictures of me and the baby..Stephanie. Ugh, everytime Cassie's here she takes over everything, touches my things, and complains non-stop!! "There's no food".... "Your house is a mess"....."Get you cats away from me!!" And who knows how long she'll stay. She thinks she can boss me around when she's only 4 years older than me. Kiss my what?? I'm not happy. Oh and about 5 minutes ago my dad threw all of my stuff....clothes...books...out my widow. And it's raining. It hasn't really hit me yet so I don't really care. Right now. But when it hits me....he can kiss his stereo, x-box, dvd player, ps2, nintendo64, and tv goodbye.

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