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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

   Cue the funeral music.
Time of death: yesterday at about 7:00pm. Lydia took a steak knife to my "the best side of you is walking away" t-shirt. Not long after she had already killed Mother Goose and put all the Uno cards in the fish tank. I was planning to have a service and bury it in the backyard, but decided against it and instead put it on my big teddy bear. Yes, my big Christmas bear with a holiday hat and scarf, that I can't take off, is now wearing my black, holey t-shirt. If it was small enough, I'd have put it on Paco. Laura was in a rather bitchy mood yesterday and started complaining about me listening to sublime's same in the end. Of course, you know I just had to turn it up as loud as it would go. But then, because I am indeed an asshole, I decided to put on the song that she hates more than any song in the world!! Muahaha! Yes, I put on John Denver's take me home country roads. Hahahahaha!! Now, I know all the words to the songs that I listen to, but I never sing along. I made an exception yesterday, and sang at the top of my lungs. Of course I HAD to put the song on repeat. Hehehe. By this time she was screaming, but not nearly as loud as I was singing. My voice wasn't even hoarse after the 10th time around and I was ready and willing to carry on until the.......platypuses......came home (NOT COWS!! I hate COWS!!) but my mom needed to get on the phone so I had to turn it down. I was feeling extra annoying so I didn't turn it all the way down and continued to skip around the house singing it. Uh.....anywho. Below I put a poem that found when I was flipping through my old school notebooks. English class 11/12/02, the assignment: write a poem depicting yourself as an inanimate without directly saying what you are. It's actually the last poem I wrote. Now I wrote this bad boy during the last 5 minutes of class after I'd been staring at the wall for the previous 50 and I never revised so take it easy on me ok, I'm bored right now. Hmmm....I never even gave it a title. Can you guess what I am? You can, can't you?

their careless feet shift above my placid face
striking post their ever swinging movements
I am nothing
for I am incapable of feeling pain
the pain they force through my transparent armor with every blow
the overwhelming sorrow of being a nonexistant useless thing consumes my every waking thought
haunting the midnights that were once peaceful
my dreams serene no more
but alas, the cycle is indeed interminable
for when they are finished
free to go on
I'm left behind
and again endure the ever shifting feet

Like I said, 5 minutes and unrevised = be NICE!!

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