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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Exams kill!
Well, I haven't posted in a while! Last week I had some exams, and I have some on monday and tuesday also! I tried my best for math, but I'm simply no good at it...I probably failed so here comes summer school -_-; I even ditched study time for science for math! My days of hard work...for nothing =_=

Anyways. My friend in America made cute cat-heads-with-tails plushies! I asked her to mail me one in exchange for a dollar and a picture! I'm not sure if it'll really happen but they were cute ^_^

I'm also going to draw a picture of akakonami, she's a character in one of thebackERspot's manga. She would like people to draw her characters, so if you're interested go check out all her manga! Only one person per character, so it's first come first serve~(more details on here site) I know I haven't been active in contests before now, but I'm going to try!

My site is getting rather old so I want to change it soon! >___<

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