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Sunday, May 27, 2007

I was just at an anime convention this whole weekend! I was a rabbit school girl ^_^ my friend made me wear some ugly shirt the first day....I don't even want to remember.

I bought two mokona plushies, one was for 30$ and a deal for the two(black and white) for 50$. I really wanted both but I was short 5$, then my friend said,'Oh, I'll chip in 10$!' She already owes me a bit of money and I've been patiently waiting. I thought she was doing this to try and pay back, to be nice and help me out. Well, was I wrong >.> As soon as I get them she says, not asks, that she wants the white one. I was speachless and confused. I told her no and that I wanted both because they match and look good together and her stupid excuse was 'every time I come over I can bring it and they'll be buddies!' How long would that possibly last? I told her repeatedly that I wanted it back and that night she took it home saying she'll pay me back...no wait, I told her she would. But this morning I couldn't let it go and my brother told me to call her back saying I'm getting it cause it's not hers. She was grumpy and called me greedy and childish in her msn name but I don't care, and talked to her while she said she didn't want to fight and it could have been any one of her other friends, but that's a lie. She said she doesn't care and she'll give it back, so I'm waiting to see if she lied again. x_x

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