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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

   random blah
My science teacher gave all her classes a ridiculous amount of classwork yesterday(She has never given that much before). Everyone agreed. All the classwork turned to hw and it's due today(I'm currently typing this before school). >.> I guess it was her gift to us to make up for leaving us for the day(we had a sub). -.-;

I just finished an anime series called Uta Kata(only 13 episodes long). The plot was deeper than I originally thought, but the ending was somewhat sad. It first few episodes were ok, but then I got hooked onto it around the 4th episode. ^.^; Now I must finish Air and Meine Liebe which were sort of abandoned after getting into Uta Kata. ^.^;;

I posted a new pic. *hops onto a dif topic* It's sad. I didn't come up w/ any Valentine's Day ideas to draw till Valentine's day. I guess the spirit got to me that day.

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