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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

   Look, I posted! XD
Gah, Jessi gave me her cold so now I'm sniffing all over today, and plus, there's a fire nearby where I live so ash was falling ever since I was dropped off at school this morning. The sky after 1st period looked like, first mentioned by Constance, 100 yrs from now when the sky is all polluted...yay~ >.>; The smoke stinks. It made my sore throat worse and my jacket stink. ~.~ The first thing one of my friends said today is, "We're all going to get lung cancer!(from breathing in the ashes)" ^.^;

Lots of ppl from school already evacuated so I really hope that there's no school tomorrow or the day after tomorrow or maybe even the whole week! XD I know I'm asking too much, but hey, there's never any snow around here so no snow day for us. TT.TT But anyways, nooooo I don't want my house to burn down(although I don't think it's actually heading toward my house but still). ~o~ *prays for no wind*

Well, actually I really don't want to go on Wed cause in science, we have to memorize and sing and use hand motions on this one wave song. It's called the Freaky Wave Song, and the lyrics are so weird and the song was just...~.~ You can google it and read or dl the song if you want to scar yourself for life(well it did happened to a student and my teacher said so too). >.>;

During lunch, we were making jokes about Ash Wednesday and if the ash really piles up, we could make ashman(like a snowman except w/ ash), ash angel, using a leaf blower to blow away the ash instead of a shovel, and yea things like that.

Badminton practice has already started and I'm currently dying from it. X.x; I managed to make it on varsity, but that was only because most of the ppl from last year dropped out(well, didn't try out again) and we are short on ppl. The really sad thing is that I'd heard that 5 ppl dropped out after the 1st day of practice cause my coach, um, overdid it on the conditioning(aka long and tiring exercises). X.X

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