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Monday, January 1, 2007

   HAPPY NEW YEAR! also im back from hollywood
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[back from HOLLYWOOD]
ello everyone how are you this fine evening> haha random. well im back from hollywood i went went my 2 cousins which are guys which sucks because i mainly have guys cousins.. *sniff* but maybe thats why i can talk to guys easier >.> anyways yea i went to hollywood studios it was kinda fun if you think about. my cousins are awesome but a bit annoying they are from san fran. we are related by married eh i hate my aunt >.> never did shes a party pooper. yea pictures! we took pictures hehe..

2006 wow its over already? i had my ups and downs this year and i really have a few regerts this year but you know if i think about it. this year i did things that i never thought i dreamt of doing. fear always stepped in and stopped me. But with friends by my side i could do anything. This year is just a wow. man wow.anyways thats it.well i have to tell you about "THE SLEEPOVER"
next time cause well i gotta make my decations to
some people. if your not on it sorry! i still love you! lol first person!note: if you dont want to read the shouts out okay its okay(skip to the end where the pictures are)but if you do you get a glomp HAHAHA xD

SERENA!! also known as Mailee
Serena- dude i totally love you!my best friend since <.< FOREVER! your the best friend ever i truly mean that and you have grown alot since we first met. remember how stupid we were back in elem school? The stupid fights we gotten, the guys who came in our lives and ruin it, the tears, the laughther. FOR all of that i wish i could go replay those preious moments.Gurl There is just no other bestie out there.

Jenna also known as jenny101
jenna- I HATE YOU!!! nah im just joking! k? dude your awesome! and you one of my besties! .__. i miss you so much why did you have to move*sniff* anyways ahh remember the good old days? well i do hahaha XD we had so much fun..yes i really miss those times where we just talk and talk and talk and played around!remember how we first met? its funny actally it was the first day of school and i went to sit next to ally and there you go you were running out of time so we ended sitting next to each other before we knew it we became THE 3 MUSKATEERS!! ROFL! and the best friends! hehe.love ya lots and i miss you more!

henry! itachi!
Itachi- we dont talk much anymore i guess life gotten to us huh?well your still my knight and shining armor! .___. i just wanted to thank you for EVERYTHING. your always there when i need you. when i need a shoulder to cry on..seriously thank you so much! im sorry im such a crybaby though <.< just wait until march *shivers*Love you to much! (p.s sorry about the fangirls calls hahaha ^^; my friends were apparently having to much soda that day >.>}

alex- altough we dont talk much anymore i still love you! haha XD your the sweetest guy ever! T__T seriously your truly unqiue and one of a kind. Maybe we'll meet someday>.> we only live 6 hours away... take care hun!

jillian or as i called it Kitaro!
jillian- my bestie =]i love you so much dear and i hope you love what i did to your myspace i totally hacked it! MUWAHAHA! THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR CALLING ME 4AM IN THE MORNING JUST TO SAY HI!
AND FOR DROOLING ON MY BED AT THE SLEEPOVER! ahem i still love you though hehe my running buddy. it sucks how we dont have PE together this year! cause MEl makes me run in the mile run T__T sad. remember how i tripped on my ass while running away from the bees? SO FREAKIN HILARIOUS! anyways yea my bitch thats it lol >.>
dont get too drunk this year.

Markie- smarties pants, band geek, hippe!
haha i still love you and i know your going to places T__T

Christian also known as Guardian angel or our pimp (HAHA inside joke)
christan- man i love you. i really love you. your a true friend even though you rape my butt at times its okay though T__T ROFL!you were one of the first to see me breaking down in public. and you stepped right in and was right there to hold me and comfort me as i was in tears.thank you chris ^__^ your awesome!

GAvin- i see you like birds hahaha <.< dude still your not like other guys your so real!
its funny how we went to the same middle school before this one and we never meet. we were friends with the same people and yet still never meet. your an awesome guy ^___^ and well this year dont try to cuss as much. hehe

Kellyane- I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! hehe yea EVEN THOUGH YOU RAPE ME AT NIGHT I COULD CARE LESS I STILL LOVE YOU! EMO FRIEND! *glomps* haha i cant believe you turned emo but whatever i still staying by your side!fat buddies forever! wHY do we even say that?? o.o oh yea im 102 and shes 103 i remember now!RAPIST!

muey- my asian buddie!me love you so much its sad we dont have advance art together this year jill dragged me into band. T__T oh well, i still love you!!!

[thats it]
i think i forgotten some peoples oh well lol
anyways thats it. *sighs* im pooped! man!well everyone HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
ill leave you with pictures

this is yours truly hehe ^^ i hate these pics not taht good..
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Christian!smile babe!
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markie in blue jillian bending over
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