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Thursday, July 3, 2008

To be honest, I don't even know if half of you even come here anymore, lol. Either way, I'll update my "life".
Music life = AMAZING. I had a 2-week string camp right after school ended, and it was awesome. I did learn alot and we played some pretty hard pieces. I made some friends there, I think [lol]. And at our concert, I got to meet Jonathan Carney!!! Google him. He's the concert master of the Baltimore Symphony Orch. [BSO] and former concert master of the London Sym. Orch. His daughter was in the younger orch., so that's how I met him. Talk about exciting! I probably sounded all stupid though, haha, but he said some pretty inspirational things :] Oh, and remember the tails of Stephen? How I crushed on him but wanted to beat him at the same time?? Pshh. He's a loser. I'm way better than him, and everyone knows it. And I certainly don't like him anymore :p lol. My real arch rival is Rachael, but I'll explain that some other time.
School life = SUMMER!!! But I have an annoying AP U.S History project //.T Read a book then write a report. Not that hard I guess. I'm reading Thirteen Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis.
Love Life = NON-EXISTENT. I still don't believe in love for me. I just don't "fall in love" with people. Nothing wrong with that. But with all the work I have to do now to prepare for college, I have no time anyways!
Finally, Anime Life = I FINISHED DEATH NOTE.
I won't spoil it though >.>
See ya!


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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

This can really help me in the future..

If I get in the tops, I can win a scholarship.
Thank you so much in advance^^

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

The results are in....my chair...is......
Not too bad I guess //.^
I wasn't really all that mad just....oh god, the guy I kinda like //.*
But my one former teacher said she was proud of me so that made me happy :D
SO yea //.^

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I am really reallyyy curious for the results [for if I made the chair or not]
JEXXESKSK, I feel like a dorkestra nerd XD
Anyhow, I just started world history and my teacher's really fun and cool, so I'm looking forward to the semester.
My spanish teach hates me for no reason and it's pissing my mom off so she e-mailed her //.-"
Uhh, I'm working on my grades!!!
I have a tonnn of deadlines and due dates and rehearsals all relating to orchestra.
Can't wait for the concerts though :]
I have one this Saturday.
Well, I'll ttyl everyone.
Take Care,

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

   Hey everyone!
I just had an audition today [I know, another one //.-"] And I think I did excellent! This was for HYO's seating....hopefully I'll beat Stephen [my coward rival] with sheer talent!! So I have to wait out a week for the results //.="
Anyhow, I went to the bookstore afterwards and read Naruto vol. 27. Things are heating up //.o And I went and bought Death Note vol. 5. The anime is tremendous but I like the manga just a bit more //.^
Well, I tty all later.
Take Care!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

   As of Midterm grades...
Spanish-? [will find out later]
Orchestra-100% [wooo..]
Music Theory-76%
F.O.T-? [later]

I'm a little discouraged..I'm becoming a C/D student and that's terrible...
But I'm too much in a good mood with violini to even cry about it :/

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'm at school, and I'm really reallyyyyy bored...oh, and helping misaki-chan and her myO site :D
Ahh, this is Rakii-chan btw. K-chan didn't feel like getting up ^.^"
Ah well. AHHHHHH biology and alg. II midterms today!!! Let's hope I don't fail =o

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

   New Theme..
I've..never used that smiley before //.o
Anyways, lol, my current fave anime is Death Note.
And my favee character is L [a.k.a Ryuga, Ryuzaki, etc..]
So that'll be my background for awhile haha.
So what do you think?

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ahh, everything's been lovely...even midterms aren't thatt bad lol. I finished this catapult project...and didn't really fire well, but it looked good lol.
And on to vIoLiN...SSO [susquhenna] started again :D the music is like 10 times harder then last semester lol, but it's fun and awesome to play. It's called "The Planets" by Gustuv Holst. If you ever run into a recording of it, I strongly reccomend you listening to it. Anyways, all-county starts the 14th and HYO [harford] starts the 28th. Exciting stuff :D
Aha, and I think I still "like" the boy in orchestra...stephen welbourne lol. My friend jackie told him and told him i wanted to take him to my school dance >< I mean, yes that's true lol, but all I wanted her to do was kinda "edge" him into saying yes. I wanted to ask him originally. Ah well, either way I was rejected :] but we're still friends THANK THE HEAVENS so it's all good lol
Well, I ttyl all later. I'll go visit some updated sites haa
Cya! ;D

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

   Q for those who live toward the east..[PA, NY, NJ etc.]
Did anyone here about the Susquhenna Symphony orchestra's concert at St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC? It was on Nov. 13th.
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