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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yeah, i never post on here anymore because I am so busy and only like 2 people respond to my blogs and by the time they read these blogs everyone already knows about what I write and have responded to me verbally, so I don't really see a point in any of this... I will still write though, I guess. :P
The 18th was Prom and it was the funnest night of my life! I will just say... I don't know exactly what to say actually. I love Kelly. I wish he would be my boyfriend but he is really set on not haveing a gf until after his mission, so I am not going to try and force him to do something he would not want. Besides, we both realized that if we did get together, we might get too close, if you know what i mean. Anyway, we danced close, had a small innocent kiss (his 1st kiss) by a waterfall, and he seemed very... how should I put it... he seemed like he didn't ever want to let go of me. I liked it! Before the day of prom we had prommised eachother that after the dance we would go back to just being friends. So far, that is not working as well as we thought. I couldn't care less, but I know he does. Everybody thinks we are together no matter what I say. It kind of sux because I can't be as close to kelly as I wish and guys wont flirt with me anymore, so my life is boring. not really, I just wish Kelly would be my bf. He never leaves the back of my mind. Ever since that kiss and the kiss goodnight at the door, I keep dreaming of kissing him again. There have been so many times I almost did within the past 2 days, but I resist. The dreams seam so real though. AUGH! I don't know what to do anymore. I will just let things happen as they come. Thanks for listening to me ramble!


P.S. I made Accapella at school! Madrigal tryouts are next Tuesday! *gasp* Not enough time to practice!

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