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Sunday, February 12, 2006

I am so confuzled!!! Okay, so my friend from Cottonwood set me up on a blind date with this guy Steve Tuttle. When we all got together to eat dinner, I met all of my friends and their dates. One of theirs caught my attention... Josh. As always, I just became hyper and embaressed myself while talking to everyone... but I kept glacing over at Josh. Even at dinner. The dance came and i wanted to dance with him, but I resisted. His date, Autumn, is one of my best friends and we were going crazy and there for i got to go crazy with Josh to. Note *My date was so boring we had no conversation or attraction or anything* I was talking to Autumn in the bathroom and I told her I liked her date and she said he likes me... apparently he couldn't stop starring at me all night. When we were heading to 'bouncin' off the walls'... kind of like Some Dudes Playground, she had to go home early...evil curfew. She told Josh he could stay if he wanted to.... and she was rooting for me...what a great friend. He agreed then smiled in my direction. I feel hirrible and confused for this, but lets just say I switche my date at that moment. In the car we were secretly holding hands, and by the end of the night we kissed ...several times... and even though the activity ended at 1... and he should have been home by 2... he didn't get home til 3.... you fill in the gaps. I feel horrible for ditching my date and because of Kelly.... I don't know what to do! Help me!
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Saturday, January 21, 2006

   Grades *shivers* O.o
The quarter is over!! FINALLY!!!! A week ago I checked my grades and they were pretty bad compared to previous quarters and I just barely checke dit 2 seconds ago at 11:30 PM and I have all As and 1 B+ That is amazing. I never would have thought I would have done that good. That made my day so much better!!

I got my Sweethearts dress back from the Altereation lady! She fixed the evil broken zipper *glares at zipper* Now I have the perfect Sweethearts dress.... if only i had a date. i know I will have one.... just not exactly the guy I want to go with.

Seeing as it is very late, i must be going. There is so much I just want to exclaim to the world. If only I had more time to do so. *sigh* I will write again later! *hugs*


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Sunday, January 15, 2006

   blah blah blah *cries*
Life is stupid. Nothing seems to be going right. Everyday I feel like I am losing friends or falling away from them at least. One of them realized I am falling away fromthe church and is attackin gme aand preachig to me now. Another feels like I am betraying their trust when I would never do that in an entire life time... because I care about our friendship too much. *cries* They won't believe me when I tell them that though. Then others who used to tell me everything in their lives seem to be hidding things from me. I try to hang on to what used to be there, but all i get are lies and secrets which tears us apart. *screams* I HATE IT!! Then another friend slowly faded from me being her Best Friend to another person being her best friend. Why does this happen? *tear* ~-~ I feel like I have no best friend anymore... i have no one to turn to. My journal is the only thing I can trust with my secrets.

I am also upset because I had 3 guys in mind to ask to Sweethearts, but they all got asked last week before I had a chance. Now I have a dress with no date. I promised myself I would go to every dance this year, so if you people have any available guys in mind, tell me about them. thanks.

Work is going great though. It is a place I can go and relieve myself... meet new people... and sonemplate on my life and how crappy it is compared to these models around me at work :P At least I found out that while working at the mall, basically everystore gives me a discount. Yesterday I got 20% off at Forever Young shoes store! Well, you should all visit me on days you have time to! Thanks for listening to all of my complaining! *.*

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Monday, January 2, 2006

Today I barely accomplished anything. Tis' a sad thing. I different friend from my last post... JW.... started making out with my cheek! It was weird ^.^ Yup.

I started my new job at frenzie though *.* It was exciting dressing up manicans in pretty puffy dresses!!! I wish I could have been the one wearing them, but oh well. I wonder how much of a discount I can get.

Yes, there is a reason for the screaming O.o I have had the past 2 weeks to work on both my math and english projects. School starts tomorrow.... and guess what? I have not started! *screams* I have waisted my time... no enjoyed my time in Uo-chans and other friends presence. *hugs* Tis' my fault if my grades die in despair. Blah!! Well, I will update when I have time again!


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Friday, December 30, 2005

Yeah, so sorry I have not updated recently. I have been quite busy. I got a job at Frenzie.... so it might take me away from keeping in touch with the ones I love *sigh* *.~ *hugs*
Last night my friend... we will call him LY (random letters on the keyboard ^.^) Well, LY called me around 8:45 on my nifty cell and we did not stop talking until.... 1 AM today!!! *o* And we on;y hung up with eachother because my sister became pissed and kicked me off.... because I woke her up ^-^ lol *smiles* sorry, I am not so random right now...I am trying to work on it o.O I will write again later!!! luv ya!


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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hi everyone! This is my first time on MyO. My friend Arisa-uo56 helped me make this^.^*hugs* Thanks.

I just got back from the mall! It was so much fun trying on everything from langere at Victoria Secret to prom dresses at Frenzi and EVERYTHING at Hot Topic!! Then I, or should I say we, went to luv Sacks! I love window shopping when I have no money to spend! ^-^ Now Uo-chan wants to finish working on my site so I'm going to let her. I'll ramble more later^.^ *hugs*


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