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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

   Poor Puppy!
Mood: Sad/ Sick
My bro accidently ran over my puppy! he didnt know a thing, and she died, I was home alone, and Roxy *my dog* was chasing Brandons truck and he didnt know cause he was jammin' his music. And anyways, I heard her whimper and I ran as fast as I couold, she wasnt bloody at all, there wasnt a scratch! I picked her up and she was limp and I put her on the couch and hse was all bloody and it was pouring out of her mouth and I was freaking out. And I called my step mom and she called my bro and he got there first then Mit then my dad. And we all cried for like 3 hours, and we buried her around 8 lastnight, deep in the woods. And we all cried our herts out, and I am slowly recovering...well anyways, bedtime! surprisingly! I'll comment tomorrow! Promise!

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