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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 06/08/07:
=] yay

Naruto-Academy Enrollment(girls only...detailed results...includes your naruto soulmate and how your gonna die) by Sasuke's Gurl
YOUR VILLAGEVillage Hidden In The Rain
YOUR RANKAnbu - Greatly skilled, Anbu Ninjas specialize in 3 categories; Assassination, Espionage, and Protection. You could almost think of this ninja level, as a sub-ranking within Special Elites. Like Hunter-Nins, the identity of these ninjas are never revealed. Like Genins, Anbu Ninjas are split into groups of 3 and lead by a higher ranking ninja, which in this case is a Special Elite.
YOUR NIN-JUTSU SPECIALTY TECHNIQUEJutsu name: Shield of Sand (Suna no Tate) - A sand demon jutsu. A large amount of sand, stored within the gourd that you keep on your back, will automatically move and protect You from any harm by becoming a solid wall. You are unable to control this reaction. The drawback, is the sand wall is not extremely fast, and will have a hard time keeping up to faster enemies.
YOUR GEN-JUTSU SPECIALTY TECHNIQUEJutsu name: Sexy Skill (Orioke no jutsu (sexy no jutsu) - One of Naruto's own original techniques. Basically it's henge no jutsu, but the user would transform into a beautiful naked woman. This technique causes nosebleeds but sometimes it doesn't have any affect on the opponent(perverts). But most people (mainly adult males of course) are affected. Even the 3rd Hokage was defeated by it. ;p
YOUR CLOTHES COLOR(S)Orange and Yellow
YOUR SPECIAL TRAITS AND SKILLSyou have a determination that even naruto cant beat and you have god like speed.
YOUR SOULMATE AND HOW YOU METSasuke-you get stuck in a cave with him for an entire week. Luckily you had food with you.
HOW YOU DIEYou go on a mission on a mountain top and you slip and fall, Knocking sasuke down with you. Later naruto finds you both dead at the bottom of the mountain.

Result Posted on 06/04/07:
=] i'm a kage

What Do The Naruto Characters think of u?(srry, for girls only. includes your love, life, and deaf) by kitten
Favorite colour(i hate this question):
Your Japanesse name:Ai
your age:18
ninja rank:kage
village:Hidden Grass
Naruto:shes cool, hyper,cute, plus she likes ramen and shes not a sasuke fan girl!!!
Sasuke:I gotta rape her
Sakura:wants to be your friend
Kakashi:Asked u for the new edition of Icha Icha Paradise which u refused to give him unless he came to your house to watch the movie first
Kiba:loves u cus your his frend and u once licked ice cream off his face
Kurenai:she should b on my team
Shikamaru:thinks ur smarter than him
Ino:is your best frend
Chouji:wonders if u like Kiba
Hinata:adores u!!! cus u help her find the right thing to say to Naruto and your helping her come out of her shell and once you dared Naruto to french kiss her so she likes you for that cus he did it
Shino:has u on his black list cus you taped him laughing, stole his glasses, and u gave Chouji his bug collection for disert( it was acually very tasty as Chouji claims)
Orochimaru:doesnt know if he should take your body or make u his minion. if he takes your body he can watch himself get naked but if you were his minion he could do it anyways but you would kick his ass for it.
Kabuto:asked Orochimaru if he could have u but he said he isnt willing to share
Tsunade:Thinks your adorible for your age
Shizune:Htes u cus Tsunade likes u more than her
Jiraiya:tinks ur adorible for our age
Gaara:likes u cus your is only frend mayb more, and is willing to protect u no matter wat
Temari:wants to take u bak 2 the Sand village with her cus u make Gaara so happy wenever your around him
Kankuro:*peverted thoughts*
Itachiis obbsessed over u. ur pretty, smart, talented, and a great kisser. keep it up cus that is really rare. but dont get bugged over it cus thats the way he shows he cares. but dont make him jealous cus he will kill the guy that made him jealous
Rock Lee:hate u cus u called him and Gai unyouthful and said Neji is WAY better than him in EVERYTHING
Tenten:hates u cus she tinks ur trying 2 steal Neji from her
Nejitends 2 smirk wenevr u smile, lauch or makes a joke, he tinks u like him and he likes 2 rub it in Sasukes ass
Gai:ttinks u r unyouthful and tinks u like Kakashi more than him
Akatsuki:this girl is what we've been looking for. very talented just wat we need
I(yes me):am your sensei
you love:Shikamaru
loves you:Shikamaru
how much:
how you die:u stole Choui's lunch
your life:Your life was hard in the beginning then happy. You changed from a troubled child, to a Happy teen. You love to travel for Village to village. You live a happy life but u flt something was missing. You died somewat happy.

Result Posted on 01/16/07:
i wonder what happend not the quiz the picture ^-^ love the result that i got

how much do you think about yaoi

YOu are a 100% yaoi thinker.You can never get your mind straight and are a fanfic junkie. The couple can NOT be Sora Kairi it always has to be Sora Riku. When you are depressed you go home and read some Yaoi!!!! and whenever someone says 'brush your teeth' you scream bloody murder. YOu luff the writer of this quiz and want her to turn the scenarios into a possible fan fic for you to read.(me: yesh yesh yesh thank you thank you -takes a bow-)we can like all tell something bad happened in the picy O.O
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Result Posted on 01/04/07:
i don't care if he's gay he's hot XD i have read the third volume and he yaois with wataru you had fun huh yuichi?? yuichi: maybe me: don't lie

Yaoi;Only The Ring Finger Knows; Is Wataru, Yuichi, Or Someone Else For You?
Yuichi would be the guy for you. (Yes, I know he's gay, deal with it, you're going out with a gay guy.) You're the perfect mix of agressive and sweet. You can make his snap out of bad moods, make him show his true feelings, AND you can get him into romantic moods. *winkwink*
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Result Posted on 11/04/06:
yay! i got sasuke

A fanfic of Naruto with a Naruto character! *wink wink* (for girls unless your gay or whatever) by rawr_its_cookie
so he...asks you out
you guys...he puts his arms around your waist and kisses you deeply, you moan softly and he plays with your tongue. he presses his body against yours. omgsh, this is so romantic! LOL
he says/does...i love you, do you love me?
you say...
then...he takes you back to his house *wink wink*
happily ever after...yes
how much you love each other
you boyfriend is...sasuke

Result Posted on 08/31/06:
WOO!!! yay sasuke!!

Ninjas can't have girlfriends can they?{NarutoSasuke love story}(For Girls)Part5

You are completely in love with Sasuke! You were probably screaming bloody murder when he told you those three special words. Your moment probably left when Sakura came. But if there is ever a Sasuke fight you'll be cheering for him. And he won't mind. And hes ready to beat the tar out of Naruto to prove his love for you! How romantic of him huh. ^-^
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Result Posted on 08/21/06:
i didnt guess!! oh well i did on a few... hehe

+Are You An Anime Fan?+

Wow you're an anime freak!You've seen alot of anime! you know just about everything there is to know...that is unless you guessed.
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Result Posted on 08/14/06:
yay! im a cat

What animal soul do you posses?(with pics)

Watch out! You are the one who possesses the animal soul of a cat. Tiger, wildcat, lion. Possibly one of these posses you. But, I leave that entirely up to you to figure out. They are sneaky and aggressive. Many are kind but still cant be trusted. I congratulate you for this, like the wolf, it is a good soul to possess.
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Result Posted on 08/07/06:
yay! im a demon ^_^

What type of school girl are you.(Cute anime pics)Girls Only!

You're a half demon school girl. You are very mysterious and scary. You keep many things to yourself and you love the taste of other people's blood. The main thing that scare people is the look in your eyes, like a demon.

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Result Posted on 08/04/06:

Which Furuba Juunishi loves you? (Fruits Basket, male and female) by dark_akito
You are loved by...Yuki Sohma (the rat)
You met...At a bar.
They love you because...You have a sexy ass.
Your relationship lasts...A long time, but not all good things last forever.
Your rival for their affection is...Arisa Uotani
And your secret admirer is...Hatsuharu Sohma (the cow/ox)
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