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Saturday, July 8, 2006

   camp +anime expo
okay camp was fun lots of heartbreak i found a long lost friend who i hadnt seen in two years twas nice but some ppl i wanted to see didnt come it was tearful i made new friends whom i should call and i will do that soon so yah making this short anime expo sooo much waiting in line got to see mana get his sig shook his had and yah concert and got to see the Full Metal Alchemist movie ^.^ yay soo yah i may make a more detailed thing when i talk bout my late night thing later but now to converse on the phone later
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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

wisdome teeth
well i just got them out so i cant eat regular foor and they are still bleeding a lil but yah i cant wait till the stitches come out and everything goes back to normal but yah i was put to sleep but woke up shaking for some reason and the ppl didnt understand that i wasnt scared i just couldnt stop shaking so yah then i got wheeled out in a wheelchair and i fell out of the car when i got home but i didnt hit the ground thankfully ^.^ so thats about it...laterz *leaves*
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Monday, January 2, 2006

Another camp experience
it was really kewl this time even though it was short Kati and Tylor are the new directors and i had lots of fun even if Lava wasnt there *sigh* i miss him but yah Kory liked me and asked me out but i didnt give him an answer and he is Fickle and liked another person so it all worked out and i met a lot of really kewl ppl who i shall always love and cherrish and who i am hoping to see at future camps i really miss them since i go from a whole camp of ppl who i love and love me to a quiet empty house with only one person other then me in it but i gained two more brothers on this trip yay one i can get in contact with and the other will have to contact me and hopefully he will so thats all for now i shall definatly have something to write about tomorrow though *leaves*
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

music videos
yes thank u bob i got these music videoes they freeking rule ^.^ so yah... if u have comments for them leave them here *leaves*
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Monday, October 17, 2005

   life update
oki lets see i have a stalker now his nickname is squirrel he pokes me a lot i have been mostly at home and not going out i love the slushys at school i found a kewl guy named kevin whom i love to hug he freekin rules My friend
(name withheld) has been having man issues also another friend cant talk to this dude she likes...hm i got a presnt from my friend who was returning the favor cause i made him a kewl flower also about that friend he kissed me *smiles* his name is withheld cause i dont want ppl i know to know but they probably find out okay i cant remember anymore so it must not be important so ill try to update more so its not all a jumbles mess and so i get everything in

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

i am dying my hair i hope it will be done soon *sigh* yay daphne shall come over fri yay muahah oki thats all *leaves*
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Sunday, August 21, 2005

go i dont want to go on this stupid trip with my mom and total strangers its going to bring up memories of camp which i know will end up bad T.T i hate it but i have to go but i want to try and go to tx for oni con so i am going to try and use this trip to back up my reasons to go to tx hehe yah i must try and see Phantasmagorias first us concert they are my faveorite band (and to all of u ppl i want to comment on some of ure pg but i cant it doesnt give me that lil box its strange welp thats it ill be back on wed.. *leaves to go finish packing*
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Friday, August 19, 2005

ooo fire
ok the fire place ppl came and i made another cake exept this one is all creepy because i forgot about it and left it in the oven :D lol soo thats all i can remember so later *leaves*
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   Diseny land
the lil kids ruined it *shakes fist angrly* but we got to do some rides but not as much as we could have....
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Thursday, August 18, 2005

ok jeff came over and a lot of randome stuff happened muahaha yes thats right ok you ppl dont need to know the details but i did throw water on jeff and me and daphne kinda broke his phone a lil hehe yes so now i am here all by my lonesom self on the plus side i am going to diseny land tomorrow yay ill cut u ppl in later bye *leaves*
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