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Friday, December 14, 2007

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hiya minna!

WHoot!!! No more EXAMS!!!! DONE FINISH NYA! lol did the last one yesterday... don'T thing I did so great thought... forgo a lot of thing, but fortunatly not the big 30 points question lol, those i thing i did ok nya ^^'.... but then again.... ARG.. anyway i'll see when the results come out lol.
AND... no more exams means.... FREE TIME!!!!!!!
...too much free time actually....well, i still got work... but monday & tuesaday are like.. boring since everyone else is working on THOSE days nya... So yeah, i end up alone at home doing...yeah, basically nothing >_> .....

Amd ARGGGG!...I hate BELL company....no freegin services after you bought the cell.... you see, i bought one june 1st,not even month later after that, the screen on the front (i have a flip btw) broke from the INSIDE! o.O.... And they fuckin told me that it was not on the waranty!!! ... because it was not a tecnical problem.... tecnical problem MY ASS!*sorry for the language^^'* I mean... a screen issn't supose to break like that for NO REASON aftr only 2 MONTHS!... ne? so yeah, it would have cost me like 150$ to repair it... so i said fuck it and just put a sticker over the screen...-.-'
put it on th charge, monday morning for like 3-4 hours, till the batery was full, then, at the end ofthe day, the battery was DEAD and had to charge it again... so i left it this time all night on. the nxt day, it seemed fine, i was working from 12 o 6, but my cell in my locker, when i took it at 6... the friggin battery was dead AGAIN!!!!! o.O'...so now im stuck with a crunch up cell that bell lend me while my other one'S on reapir... she didn't charge the 25$ reapir this time though since ive already had some MAJOR (the screen here) problem with them before.... but still, after the friggin contract's over, im DONE with bell!...
Ah..... sorry for babling on so much.. just had to get this out man... i was so frustated the first time i went there... cuse i already had that cell problem w/ the battery one week ago, so i went there, and the guy at that momemnt, told me i had to pay 35$ for the repairs...when the cell is on the WARANTY!!!.... i was soooo frustated ... i just went back home cuse believe me i wasn't far from esxploding right then and there... so instead went back home, tied it again with the charger, seemed fne, but the it stardted up again.... and u know the rest lol :p

wow... making up for the time i wan't there on myo with long post is would seem lol :p

well that's about it for now, oh yeah, added a new quiz that i took frmo Mayura ashita-chan's site nya ^.~

ja ne

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