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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

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wow.... it'S been like... FOREVER since i last came on myo man... o.O but hey, had some free time (finaly!) so i though, y not pay a lil' visit nya?
Plus, i got sooo much new stuff to talk about....k, maybe not TAHT much hihihi^^*sweatdrop*

Well first, only 4 days of school left nya! *does the hoola dance ya*
oh yeah, im now officially 19... not much of a difference though >_> Oh and they other day, i won a 50$ gift certificate at work for having 100% with a ...a... mystery client?... well, you know, someone ho comes whe you lest expect it and evaluates you without actually you knowing about it.... lool :p so yeah that's that's... and sunday I had my work's christmas party nya. Won some stuff, t-shirts mostly nya ... didn'T won what i wanted... but doesn't matter, i bought it at work with my gift certificate Mouhahahahaha
actually, it was just a tennis bag lol ^-^'
i did try to exchange t ... but mathieu didn't want the PUMA belt i had gotten in the surprise bag... said he prefered the bag... well, at least i tried lol ^^'

New thing, imeem! heard of it? nya! it's the best! well, if you wanna find anime music taht is ^^ there's a lot of it on this nya, and not just anime of jap music, but other things too. i registred some time ago.. but then again, i don'T really go that often nya ^^' hey, got a life ya know nya lol

well now, gotta go, got some homework to do nya.. but first i'll go checkout your pages nya, an for those who still visit me... plase leave a comment so that i know i still got some people visiting me here on myo... and that im not updateing my blabla for nothing lol ^^'
well ja na!

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