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Saturday, June 16, 2007

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Hoi Hoi Nya!!! ^^

How's eveyone doing nya? TOMORROW'S FATHER'S DAY!!! ^^ I got my dad a new pair of shoes... couldn't stnd the old ones .. so I just through them in the garbage about an hour ago looool :p ^^ But I also bought a lil' something for me nya, the new naruto ultimte ninja 2! it's awsome!!! lol, ... well, if you love fighting games that is nya ^^'

Ne Ne Ne! I participated ina contest nya, and the votes just started... maybe you could all help me out by voting for me please??? ^^' The link's right here nya --> --Reality-- And my number is 1 btw ^^ the blue and pink icons nya ^^
thx a lot for those who'll vote nya ^^

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