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Friday, May 18, 2007

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hiya minna-san! ^^

Man.. long time no see nee?

Well, since i've made some new things recently, yhough i'd update on MyO as well lol ^^
It's just that.. if I don't really have anything new to say, I don't really see the point of posting on MyO lol ^^' And anyway, there's not many people visiting me...so why bother?..
I've signed up on LJ slso, so there's gonnan be a link button soon for it down there with my other pages ^^
And i've also made a new wallapaper! FINALLY! lol I was just so into icons recently.. and don't know why, I decided to make a wall fo a change lol :p
Know the manga D.Gray-Man?... If not, thantyou SHOULD! It's one of the best one i've seen so far ^^ It's about exorcist and Akuma, and Allen is just AWSOMELY KAWAIII! lol and fuuny too :p
Well, I really recommend it ^^
ALso, I've made some new icons, you can see most of them on Gods & rainbows, for the other ones

Yesterday I wnt shopping with one of my friend that I have't seen since... end of last year? o.O
lol It was fun, ^^ I finally bought my rollers and we ended up at renaud-bray, where I aso bought D.Gray-Man vol. 1 and 2, and At metro video I bought the complete Loveles DVD pack for only 37$!!!! o.O lol Bibi on the other hand... Only bought 1 book lol ^^'

and lastly for the day, i've also made a Final fantasy adven clhildren AMV ^^

Well, that's about it for now i think, so seeya!

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