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Monday, May 28, 2007

Eeeeaatiinngg raaammeeen nooodles with butter chicken seasoning and pepperrrrss. Going to Robby's at 5.

Graduating in like 3 days. Go to kings island tommorow. What's up with you peoples?

Gotta go, I'll be burping the taste of this meal up for hours to come. ):

~Le Tills

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

I've got a new boyfriend, broke up with the old, lovies. :D Surprising, really. And their last names are/were both Garcia. XD Reminds me of Garlic..Mmm.Garlic. I'ma make toast..Side track..Forgot..What..Gunna..Post..Darnit!

~Le Tills

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

My God. I stayed up really late, and I feel I could gouge my eyes out with the nearest able object. But my eyes can't focus on an object long enough to pick it up lmao.

Anyway, it's been awhile since I updated. But oddly I've been on otaku almost everyday to check up. If you miss me, or some of that, pm me to ask me my msn addy. This site is sooo unpopular at me neglecting it so much.

Anyway, see ya. I'm going to bang my head on my desk until I fully wake up.

~Le Tills

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ah Valentines Day,
Post made a day late, and it'll stay up here for weeks well after.

How was your valentines day?
O_o Mine was ok. I had 12 valentines lol. 2 guys. One I liked lmao (The rest were for jokes.) My awesome poem won it over.

Sammies are emo,
Cruzes are black,
Watos a hippie, and Marvins a ball sack.

I'm missing the caverns sorely. But I could only go on weekends. And during snowing times is dangerous for the risk of getting snowed in with the people that piss me off. I.E. Angel..Russel.. Clayton.

And since I am well cheap, a kiss to you! Red lipstick and pink lipgloss. It was to Ben, but it's scanned, and here you go!

Yes, they are the Tills' lips!

~Le Tills

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Monday, January 8, 2007

Japanese lessons tommorow, I'm a bit nervous. I fit in because of my height, none the less the S.O.V part of the language confuses me so.. Oh my.. On comments to my friends, I'm on a loose mouthed cussing parade, apologies. No insults ment if you read it that way..

Hug me, I'm vile!:D

~Le Tills

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Oh noes!
I'm back in school, and I have to practice a bunch of art things. And make another freaking portfolio. With these copic/prisma/wtfever markers. But I love them. XD

Soon I have Japanese lessons that start, a different school, too. Gotta see about CCAD downtown sometime, I think it's too late to get in. But no matter, my portfolio isn't done. I've done alot more, but I haven't added them into my fanart in forever.

How are you?
Sorry I've not been doing ANYTHING with this site, I've been busy.

~Le Tills

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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ah.. I'm feeling a bit better.Anywho. My pet snake. (Christopher James Lee Davis, nick named Snuggles) is doing well. I have to feed him on Christmas, oh the joy! How cute he is laying with his belly formed to the shape of a small, white mouse. n_n~!

Katrina, if you're gone and not gunna answer me.. I'm bombard you with phone calls as soon as your back from Gramma Brown's. Merry Christmas hun.:D

Anywho dealing with people from the caverns, I miss them sooo much. It's weird, I almost missed Angel for a moment. But anyway, Seth put his phone number in my cellphone along time ago, and I ran into it while talking to Kori on the phone, and I left Hawk, Melassa, Luke and Seth an odd christmas message, that I'll now leave to all of you who don't read my posts.

"Hi it's Tills, Merry Christmas, guys! Don't ask how I got this phone number, tee-hee see-ya, bye!"

Personalize it, if it doesn't fit you.

~Le Tills

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy birthday. . .to me.:/

I hate this time of year, December 19th, my birthday. So close to Christmas people bunch my gifts together after promising they wouldn't. I don't care about presents, but it's annoied be since I was 10 when they say "Oh? Well I got you a doll for your birthday" when they ask what you want for christmas and you say it.

This morning I woke up, and it took my mom 2-3 hours to realize this, and then she told my sister. At school, not a soul remembered. And I'm the one who always makes sure even the hated people get sung happy birthday. (these people being the people I've been going to school with, and knowing, for all my life.)

I have to go to fucking play fucking bells at church on my birthday, when I'd prefer to sit around and sulk (hah) but noooo.

At the end of the day, no one remembered. They were all told. They didn't know, they never ask, but two of these annoying girls made me a card saying "We wrote you this card because no one else is giving you anything!! :)"

I don't care.. Because I haven't had an actual birthday since I was 8. But my older sister has never missed one. We're going to have a double bday for my step sister and I, and being that I'm never the favorite, it will be held the glorious weekend of her anniversary of spawning out of a slutty woman.

And none of you people are going to say a damn thing, because none of you will read it. I swear to God if I get a random comment I'll never speak to you again. I HATE THAT. IF YOU DON'T READ IT JUST DON'T COMMENT. OMFG. I'm sick of hearing things like
"lol well omg ur still here!!11!"
"Hi tills!!11!"
Or smilies, or people saying crap with no meaning. And it's too late to say happy birthday.

So don't.

Grand total of people who remembered: 0
Grand total of people who said after being told:4

Now I'm going to make a game out of it.

~Le Tills

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Thursday, December 7, 2006


O_o Apparently, anything I cook is good (thank you Reo-re). Which is a complement. Alot of times it's akward or combined of akward things. I.E nacho cheese and chocolate crunch bars. But even still, now that I think back on it. Only one cake I made had bad feed back... The Snudding cake. In which Katrina and Chris liked but didn't tell me for a year. .

Well recently I made my friend Kori a lunch. For her 16th birthday.

It was rice with a tomatoe in the middle (she likes tomatoes) to make it look like a Japanese flag. Then three small rice balls, and pickles and more tomatoes. And these dango-like things with different flavoring, and no potatoe starch. But they had different flavors, thanks to my lovely cabinet of everything. The flavors were Banana, Green Tea, Plain, and Lemon. I didn't get to try one so I'm gunna make more tonight.


~Le Tills

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Hello! I got a speaker now, well. Head phones anyway. And there's only one side. And kindly it's deffening me. I'm ok with it I guess though. I like the songs. People who celebrate Thanksgiving! How was your thanksgiving? Gunna add a new fan art.

I learned how to play a song on the piano. And how to make the most putrid health drink on earth.
Pear,cellery, broccoli, carrot, orange (and I think an apple, and a melon or some kind of crunchy..thing.) and some other things. I don't exactly remember them. Now reading it off. I like those things seperately, but not together. And.. There are worse out there. xD

~Le Tills

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