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Sunday, September 10, 2006

I was really debating on whether or not I should post today because I really want you guys to read my post tomorrow. So if your lazy skip today post and read tomorrow please.

Does anyone know why they took away the vote percent on the fanart? I liked it even if i did have a few 54% and stuff. It made we want to improve and thats the goal of the Otake right? *confused mark*
This week was...boring, *shrugs* Enough about that. Friday was Kristens B-Day, 14 years old (she so old now!) We had cheesecake :) The new season of Survivior starts Thursady *anticipation* Oh and Saturday, yesterday right? yay, yesterday I went to choir and we had "Extreme Choir Makeover Day" I swept for about one hour and was told it could never be too clean so i swept for another hour. I got to see some of my old choir friends that graduated :) and some of them that are in the Varsity choir :) Then I helped stack books on our shelves and ate pizza. Then I helped talk on copy of all the music out of the file cabinet (there was ls in with the s's and so on) and put them in stacks by letter (a stack for all the a's a stack for all the l's) Then I began to put them in ABC order. I got up to L when I noticed I had put them in the cabinet wrong o that they were not in order but since i put them in stacks by peices i could not just go and turn them all around. Well then I had to redo it, I got to G before it was time to go I plan on going to help afterschool next week. Well I had lots of fun doing it the first time but not much starting the second time around. Bye- remember to look for my post tomorrow. Take care

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