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Friday, September 1, 2006

Well its not Labor Day yet but I hope you all have a good weekend and a Happy Labor Day. This week was kinda stinky- had a test in a least one class every day of the week. Well, sorry to tell you guys but due to being piled in homework- made it to the third week before things started getting hectic :)- I will be only able to update on the weekends and only able to visit your sites when i update. Me really sorry. Hmmm...any thing interesting happen?...nope! Sorry nothing to talk about, kinda just rambling here.

I have desided to steal some of your guys idea about dividing up your post so it is easier to read, hope you dont mind.
Oh and few of you commented on the having to make up a state so I will tell you about that. We were assigned to make up a state (normally called a nation) and make up all the rules and regulations and type of government it would have (its government class). Well me and my partner (we wre required to have a parnter) decided to take over cuba. Wait! I have to say something just so i dont get in trouble by monitoring police. THIS IS STRICKLY FICTIONAL AND IN NO WAY WAS I OR MY PARTNER EVER PLANNING ON DOING THIS IN REAL LIFE. THIS MAY CONTAIN VIOLENT CONTENT. Anyways, me and my partner decided we would take over Cuba since we had to say where we got the territory and how. We said my partner went in there and whipped Castro in a fight and got permission to take over the country. The country would be a dictorship run by Shannon. Shannon would be the supreme law and would enforce all his laws. Anyone caught stealing would have there hands cut off, anyone breaking his rules would be hung. People could work but all good would be controlled by him and distributed by him. All money would be his and he would have a very small army to protect himslef and all his people would deal with the outside invasions otherwise they would be killed by him afterwards if they were not killed by the invaders. He would have weapons attached to him (cant say they word cause i dont want to like get caught be a gov sensor or something) that would destory the coutry if activated. It would be activated if anyone tried to shoot or kill him. Well I had fun with it and hope you did too. Sorry if it was too violent for some of you. I really am a peaceful person and never woul want that kind of place but it is fun to make up worlds that you would hope will never happen. :) Have a good weekend everone! And if you are not too busy check out Yensid's Art Tips, I am going over there after I check your guys sites, your bound to learn something :)

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