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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Quick post...or not (if I dont finish tonight then you can come back later when i finish the rest of the post. I am planning on it being long but dont have too much time.
Hiya I actually have something to talk about. Whether it is interesting or not to you I dont know. Well Sunday we went to "Camp Triumph" to celebrate Kristen's Track and Field Club. There was 19 of our cities members that went to the Junior Olympics and 9 of them placed with 3 of them setting naton wide records. We went gocarting. If you dont know I have never driven before so I was kinda scared on my first time around. I went really slowly and did great on the driving until we got to the parking after our time was up...then I crashed into the person in front of me who just happened to be my little sis-shes fine dont worry they got good safety measures. I am just glad she hadnot taken her seat belt off yet. My next time around I decided it would be funner to go fast- wihich it was :) I got rear ended by two people and had to be put back on the track, then I hit another person spinning that person into another one-so we had a nice big crash there. Then my next time around Kristen ran into me and sent me spinning around a corner in which she just went right on by. They make it so you are suppossed to stop after you see so one crash so that there is not a big collision but they did not see her and thought it was my bad driving. They told me I had to slow down or i would be kicked out. Well anyway I only slowed down a little and still had a few...well maybe a little more than a few crashes but it was all good. I had lots and lots of fun. Maybe I can find some way to get a drivers license. We also went paddleboating. Not the kind were you have actual paddle but where you have to peddle the boat around, that was not fun but it got rid of Kristens excess energy.

Monday was my first day of class. The school called my parents on the phone and told them I had to go to the cafeteria to get a new schedule. I was really unhappy thinking maybe they put me back in one of the classes I worked so hard to get out of. After waiting in a line that seemed like the whole school was in (they gave out schedules during registration so i dont know what was going on- apparently they messed up all those peoples schedules) until about 9:30 (schools starts at 7:45 by the way) I got it to find out they only changed my locker. I was relieved but very annoyed. Then onward to my nursing class. It sounds very interesting and I am looking forward to it. we tried on our little scrubs that we will be wearing and got plans of what we are going to do. We plan on going to the hospital in October to follow doctors around and obserb :) as well as going to the Operating Room to watch the nurses. Then in January we are going back to the hospital for CNA training. We also went over rules and guidelines but that not important. We have a nice cozy little class of 14. Then I went to English. I dont think I am going to like that class. I have a whole bunch of students from my class last year that drove my last english teacher crazy. The teacher seems a bit on the cranky side and she says that all the students that normally get As are going to be the ones failing. That makes you feel real good inside right? Then lunch, its really lonely. I know a few people but they all are hanging out with other people i dont want to be around. So I spent much of the time wondering around trying to ifnd people I knew. oh my lunch is at 10;45 not really hungry that early but have to eat. Last, government, we got to get to know the students. We had to interview the person next to us and I found a potential friend since we are going to be doing a lot of group work in that class. Went over rules and I have trouble understand what she was saying, spoke to fast for me. I had some homework for government and to read some for my nursing class since I was out getting my stupid schedule but it wasnt bad.

Next we go on to today. This may sound complainy, actually probably will sound complaining so you can stop reading if you want since I know this is getting long. I had my emergency care attendant class. I have the same teacher as I have for my nursing class and she said the same thing she said yesterday so I went to sleep. Next, I had Anatomy and Psyiology, and all I know is I will must definatly be having problems with that class. I had two hours of homework today and had to have my mom help me with it. Then I went to choir. My instructor told me that he really wanted me in his Varsity Choir and told me to go talk to the councelor tommorrow. The problem is though I really want to be in Varsity Choir- It is during my anatomy class and I think that is an extemly important class for me to take since I am going into the medical field, I really dont want to go talk to my councelor again since he already hates me, and i would have to go through the trouble of finding a class to replace the period that i have choir right now. So I will probalby not be getting it switched so he will just have to deal with me and i will just have to deal with all the freshman and people that cant read music. Then I went to lunch. I sat with one of my firends I have known for a really long time :) and that was good but she is moving into the Varsity Choir so I probably wont be having lunch with her anymore :( (if you want i can explain how our lunches work next time but i just want to finish right now since i am not sure if you care). Then I have Animal Science. I forsee bad things in the future. We have a class of 30 with 25 chairs to start with. We have mainly senoirs and freshman and there has already been arguments breaking out. I see a very boring class in the future- he says we will mostly be doing lecuting and if we sleep we have to stand. He seems like a really weird teacher- he has a chair with no back legs for students that like to lean back in there chairs. We are going to be learning about the production of sheep and cattle. woohoo *being sarcastic* *falls asleep* and we are suppossed to keep some kind of record book but he told us nothing about it.My ad want to get me out of the class and I want out of it to but smae thing goes- i dont want to go through the trouble- the good thing is that it is only one semester long- hopefully my dad wont go and cause chaos at the school. I want to give the student that got put into things like AP CHemistry when they failed normal chemistry to get a chance to get theres changed. Yay I school really messed up this time. Anyways I think thats it. Take care *hugs* I might fall asleep before checking all your sites (not thats its many) but if I do i will be sure to check them next time i come on. Talk to you later, chao -Teresa

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