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Monday, August 7, 2006

*la gasp* 3 updates i one week

I back to talk some more, in a talking mood. I went to a chicken farm once, it was cool. Lets seem umm.. other things I like. I like to play video games. My favortire are Smash Brothers/Smash Brothers Malee and Fire Emblem. My favorite Smash Brothers characters are DK, Bowser (named by turtle after him), Marth and Roy. My favorite Fire Emblem characters are Marth, Roy, Eliwood and Soothe. What else I am a poker and a neopets obsessor but I get to break both of those once school starts. I love to eat (not good huh) and am very lazy *sigh*

I hate math with a passion though for some reason I was really good at it during high school (no math this year woot!). I like science but for some reason have been having trouble with it in high school- was make 100s in junior high. I like going on walks to the city park and around my block but am usually to lazy to start even though it does not help that is a hundred degrees here. Oh and yesterday the power went out for a few hours so I went out on a walk. It mad me sad to find out that i am one of the stinky people on this earth that depends on electricity. I used to alwys be so mad at people for crying that they could not go on the computer or they could not get anything done without electrity and know I am one of those people. I hate it. The way we all depend on computers and how one day the world will be run by computers and clones. I how we will live for over 100 years with a nice deterating brain and how there will be world panick like there was at the turn of the millenium. I thought they were so stupid ranting about how there computers will all gooing to bug up and I still think its stupid but now I am one of them. *sigh* I dont like it at all. People are going to gorge themself and then take some stupid pill and be skinny again. There will be no such thing as real toys- just computer games and video games. Even young children will drive cars if we are not on things like in the Jetsons. *sigh* I am not happy anymore. I really dont like thinking about what our future will be like. Sorry if I got off topic there...

What else? I like to dottle :) I will be glad to take you up on your offer for help in my art class Yensid. I really appreciate it. I have to tell you guys something. My history teacher from last year who I thought was a crazy loon was actually right. He was always ranting about how we would either have a nuclear war or a world was. I thought he was crazy and trying to scary us or maybe he was just stupid. But know it is coming true. He siad that it would start with Isreal and then the US would ally with Isreal since we have always been allied with Isreal and then the rest of the middle east would ally against Isreal. I sure hope that things can be resolved and I feel really sorry for anyone near the region or with family over there.

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