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Sunday, August 6, 2006

I am updating early, you can still comment on my last two posts if you want, Finally you get to learn a little bit about me
I live in central Texas "the cow state" *snickers* no I love Texas. But we do offer a lot of animal and agricultural classes at my school. They have some classes where you raises cattle and take them to contest. I am not really taking any hard classes in my opinion.

Alirght, yes I am interested in medicine. As of right now I have plans on either becoming a nurse (hence the nursing class and the anatomy) or entering animal medicine. I am interested in stuff like human disease and bones (dont ask me why but i love bones, i know all the bones in the human body) and have a wish to help people. I am always feeling useless and am always getting helped by people and want to do something in return. I love animals and cry anytime I see them in pain. I have two dogs (one chow and one mutt-part cocker spaniel), 4 adult cockietiels with 3 babies and 3 eggs,and two turtles. I love pigs and chickens. I have loved all the health classes I have tooken before- health, health science technology, biology. I plan on going to college and persuing nursing.

I love singing. It is quite possible my favoortie hobbie if it can be concedered a hobbie. I love choir becuase I have the chance to sing on the top of my lungs (which is not very loud) and I have a chance to improve my ability. We got a new instructor at the high school last year and I really like him. He actaully likes hearing us sing and wants us to sound good. All our last intructor cared about was us looking good and us knowing the words to the song. But yay i am really happy to be in choir becuase I dont get to do much singing around the house because I get screeched by one family member or another. I enjoy playing the piano and am currently trying to learn the song One Winged Angel-from the movie Advent Children. It is extremely hard since I am teaching myself and have never had formal lessons but I am having fun and know I will be proud of myself if I ever accomplish learing the whole thing.

I have more things I want to talk about but I think thats it today. Sorry if thats long. If you guys are interested I will post more next time. :) As you can tell I can talk alot if I have something to talk about. Hope I didnot bore you :) Bye bye -Teresa

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