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Saturday, August 5, 2006

*drops dead* i am tired. I spend all day at the high school waiting and waiting and then finally got to go and debate with my counselor. I am much happier than I was before. I got out of Medical microbiology and an AP class that they had put me in. I also got out of child develpoment which sounded really boring. I got put into a choir class :) but I am not on Varsity anymore. I am still in some lifestock class but I have to understand i cant get everything i wanted. Overall though I only did not get medical terminology, AP biology, and a few others. So enough rambling and try to make sence of what i am saying because my readers are proabably going huh? what is this crazy woman talking about? right now. The classes I am signed up to take next year are Health Science Technology 2 (a nursing class where I have the chance to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. the class I most wanted to take this year), English 4 (EWW but it is required), government with art second semester, Emergency Care Attendant, choir, lifestock and puoltry (really did not want to take that class) with economics next semester, talk to you soon
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