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Friday, October 22, 2004

hi again
hi everyone! Been pretty buzy latly. Last i had choir concert. I t went pretty well but i think by the time we sang our audience was ready to go home. PSAT sucked. It was very difficult. Then Our uncle and wife and three kids came over for the weekend.
I summited a new picture!
And this weekend my grandma is staying over and then next week she is going back to CA

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I got a new picture up! Please comment on it when you get the time. I can't pst really today but i will try to next weekend.
Hope you like the picture! Talk to ya later!

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Saturday, October 9, 2004

Sorry I have not updated in a long time or visited any of yalls sights. I go visit them when i am done updating and i hope to get to everyone. Well not much going on in he pas couple of weeks. But next week i will be kinda buzy. Tuesday morning i am having choir pracice and get to miss theater arts ( btw i got my th and permanet teacher now) and english. Yay to hte missing boo ot hte having to catch up. and then right after school I have a doctor apointment and then rihgt after that I have my concert. Its our first concert and it shoul be fun. Hopefully we do well. Then Tuesday I am taking the PSAT (don't ask me why) and I get to miss food nutrition and choir. Boo to hte missing of choir.

well sorry again! TTYL

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Sunday, September 26, 2004

hi all
Hy everyone! How are yall? Well have not been ding much at school other than borig stuff. They had a peter pan play but none of my teachers would let us go se it. We got anohter theaer teacher yet again. this one is worse than the first two. ew hope to persuade our first one to come back.
Those of you who know Kisho, she had a Tae Kwon Do tournament yesterday and got second place for sparing and a metal for bieng the only black belt woman in her group. i did not get to see it though because i had to go to my younger sisters soccer game
well by and thanks for coming by. sometime soon i am going to out that quiz thing back up for those who have not done it

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

my must i have to think of a title, my brain is dead
So many projects! I have had no fun this week. I had a math project where i had to make a book of shapes, then two english essays, and for history i had to compae and comntrast the ancient and modern olympics. i was told if i did my projects before friday, they are due monday, then we could go on the boat, but nope my family had to work. And now i have another porject, for biology i have to make a animal and plant cell, 3-d, no food or bought items aloud. i also have to grow a potato.

my food nutrition class first we mad shakes. My parnter spilt it all over himself, LOL. so e had to drink so one elses, I tasted like barf! Then wednesday we made cookies! Remind me not to be a chef when i grow up.

Theater arts we got a new teacher. He is so boring and he makes us take notes! It a theater arts class why do e need to take notes!

History we had a sub on monday and then the next time my teacher says we were bad so she gave us two extremly hard quizes. I htought my class was actaully good for once, but i guess not *sigh*

Well i think i will shut up now so i don't bore you to death.
Talk to ya later!

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Friday, September 10, 2004

Yeserday we got progress reports. I had one c and 3 Bs the rest As. Man that sucked!

The 8th was Kristen's (sis) birthday. She got cards and sour skitles from me, gummy worms, pokemon toy, crabby patty gummys, okemon red Game boy advance game and a orange globby thing. Since she turn 12 we all got to spank her 12 times. He had homemade cheesecake! It was delisious! We also had ice cream.

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Saturday, September 4, 2004

   hmmm...can't think of one
Last week i got a new dresser. I never new it was so complicated to do. First i had to fling everything in my dressr and on my dresser onto my bed then take the drawers out and then my sronger family members moved the dreser out of my room. Then they took all the drawers out of the new one and moved it into the room. Then the drawers would not fit into the dresser because there was not enough room so the y had to hold the dreser up while we put the drawers in. Then i had t oput everything back in but now i have no place to put things on my dresser because of the snake so i had to find new homes for my junk ( the closet and under the bad worked just fine)

Then school started again that week, it was better than before excet for thee classes- fod nutrition, computer class, and history.
IN our food class we had t odo lots of math and suff and i am really slow a math so she kept yelling at us saying if we did not get it we had to go to detention to get it..
Then in computer class i got a 7 on my test! i studied i dont know why it was so bad but i am ging to ge in trouble for that
Than in my history class we took notes all week at super speed thaan had a test, only four peole in the class passed the test, i think htat would show our teacher we are dumb and she would go easier but she said all our test our going to be like that
progress reports go out some and that is not good i am suppossed to have all a's.

sorry about the boringness i just can't help it , thats how i am , boring


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Saturday, August 28, 2004

hey everyone
HI veryone! Well sory about all the boring posts but pretty much all that was going on was school and thats not very ineresting. it is getting better except for my fod nutriion class and my engish class.
My friend was upset yserday and i could not think of anything to say o do o cheer her u s nw i feel bad.

Friday afterday we got to go to the lake o get away from all the hard and unapy work of school! We stayed about hours. We brought our ski bob (remember the thing you sit on thats similar to a ski) and i fell of so quickly , i don't know why and everyone else stayed on for a retty long time. Then when were were ging back to dock our boat died. We had to push and pull the boat to dock! i did the pushing but i don't think it did much. the people that were moving it were the pullers. It was good excerxice even though it did g much for me. Well we got half way there, maybe more and then another boat came and pulled us the rest of the way back to shore. When we got to shore we had a picnic- peanut butter and jelly snadwhiches.

The me and my youger sister (kristen) had a fight in what was like jellowy mud, i think it was actually pop that had bn in the water for a long long time. Well anyway we were throwing that at each other for a while and i told her no face shots and then right before we left i dumped a whole bunc of it in her hair and she flung it right into my eyes. Man that was painful! Talk to yall later!
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Saturday, August 21, 2004

   nothing happening
i was a school all week and it sucked exspeciall friday. First i had this acting class i the whole class got a big arguement, thenhad english and we had to wrie a whole essay in 25 minutes! it takes my brain at least 1 to start thinking. Then i had my computer class and all the long hard work i did last time was not there. i had to start all over! Then in history we had maps aney were goinbe due tuesaday but then in the lafive minutes of class my teacher desided she wanted uturn them in that day so i had to scibbl some stuff on the map.

well onto the little amount of good stuff happening. kristen stated soccer season, i got my guesook sighned -thank you chichirocks! i did do three xellos pictures i don't knowhich ne i wano summit, they all pretty much suck. Well its the weekend now so i get soe freedom.
if you get time will go and cheer kisho, she depressed

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Monday, August 16, 2004

I staed 10th grade today. It was very boring and not fun. At least i am on block schedule though. That means i only have four classes a day. i only go to each class every other day. That really helpwer the homework load. Today I had World history, theater arts , english and BCIS (a business computer class). There is only one class in which i know people who i consider friends. My other classes i have people who are very annoying. There was one good thing about today thouhgh- it was an early out so we nly had to stay for 5 hours instead of 8. Tomorrow I have choir, food nutrition, biology and geometry.
hope every one is happier than me. TTYL!

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