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Lazy Afternoons, Kingdom Hearts II. Catchy, eh? ^^
Konichi-wa! ^_^ Nice to meet you! You may call me, Michi! I'm 14 years old, and I love literature. I'm in 9th grade. Yep! I love my friends, they all rock! <33 Kingdom Hearts is the best! Yaoi is the BEST! Put them together, and you get my heart. <3 Roleplaying fun. You should try it sometime. Um... nice meeting you. Talk to you later!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Not creative enough for a title now.
So yeah.
I got dress code today for my skirt. -.-;
I was wearing JEANS under it, and it was like two inches below the knees. And I told her that, and she was like, "One or the other," and I was like, "Nobody can see my underwear, I don't see why I have to take it off. It's NOT distracting. "
And she kept saying "One or the other,"
And I kept aguring.
Then she told me if I keep it up I'd get a write up.
And I just rolled my eyes and crossed my arms.
I wasn't the only one, either.
Two other girls, with JEANS under it got dress code too.
So I let her win.
Kind of.
I took it off, she gave me a pass.
I meant in my class and then.....

I put it back on. ^^
Smirking all the while. I told my teacher what happened and then I put it on and he started laughing when I did. And all the kids were too.
Then at lunch I made a BOY, yes a BOY wear it to see if he would get in trouble with the same lady, and he didn't. They just laughed.
And then we put his hair in pig tails.
He looked so cute and gilry! I hugged him a billion times. XD
And then he sang this,
"I feel pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and whitty and.... -pause- not... gay."
And whenever people were looking at him and us weird, he just said, "You know you want this baby."
"You know I'm sexy!"
I was having a lot of fun. ^^
But still... it's not fair that he got away with it and I didn't. What the difference?
So me, my friend Jessica, Brittney, and some other friends are going to wear mini skirts with jeans over them and see what happens. ;D
Wish us luck!

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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

   Hey Chris, you were our only friend. And I know this is belated,

Anyone heard the song?
I love it. <3

Today was a normal day.
Besides the fact I got DENTENTION for being late to class. -.-;
I was eating, what am I suppose to do not eat for hours just because I didn't have enough time?
I HATE that teacher!
I even tried to tell her, and she was like, "It's not my problem."
Not a problem!? YOUR student was late because SHE had to eat something because she didn't eat anything till' lunch. And since I am in your class, it becomes your problem 'cause I'm your student. And apparntly, it's a BIG enough problem to give me dention for so what on Earth are you talking about?

I have it on Friday.
My mom saids I have to serve it.

The good news is however, Uni-chan is going over to my house to spend the night this weekend. ^^;

So that's all for now! Bye-bye!

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Today was coo', I guess.
So yeah.
Japanese was awesome.
I think I did really well on that test! I knew every word and I THINK I did pretty well on the grammar. ^^;
Nothing really happened...
Everything stayed the same...
I was just the same as always.
Uni, I know you did well on that test!
Yeah, she is worried she might have failed it. But I know she didn't!
I am all hypered out.
I'm going on AIM now.

Uni, can I call you when and if you read this?

- Michi

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I hate fire drills.
I hate fire drills.
I hate fire drills.
Well, not REALLY.
This one was kind of annoying however.
In my favorite class, it went off. I was so concentrated on my work too!
And I was walking with Uni and Kanwi and I saw my 10th grade friend and I went to say hi to her and I lost Uni and Kanwi! XD
We stood out there in the very very VERY hot heat for about an half hour.
I was hanging with my 10th grade buddies and was all, "whee!" We were playing a game. It was funny. ^^;
I made the best outta' the fire drill.
It still kind of sucked. I would of liked it better if it went off in 6th hour... >.<;

Anyway. Talk to you guys later!

- Michi.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

I'm a pirate! Ninjas suck!
It's true.
Pirates > Ninjas
You do the math!
I am a pirate, beyotch!
My schools' mascot is the pirate.
Uni said she wants to be a ninja.
Too bad she is a pirate. xDD
I love the weekends, don't you?
Hmm. I wonder if I shou;d go over Sabrinas house.
Oh well.

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