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Thursday, December 28, 2006

hey ^-^
how is everyone?
my life so far suck and getting worse by the fuckin minute -_-! no matter how hard i try to feel better it never works so I kida gave up on trying to feel better and just deal with this feeling of depresion like I use to do ^-^
well yesterday one of my friends came over and we went up where I use to live cause she wanted to see her B/F that lived up there so we went. we were supose to go and spend like maybe 50 min or maybe an hour up there but she took 2 hours and 40 min. and after i got home i got in trouble cause of that -_- but uts not really that big of a deal since it was the first time that she got me in trouble so i was ok with it.
my mom said that this satuday if i want i can change the color of my haia and also cut it a bit shorter then what it is ^-^ but i have no clue if i should ^~^ well i better get going
bye ^-^


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