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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

hey everyone
how've you been? well christmas was really fun me and my siblings where realy hyper during chritsmas eve cuase we got to stay up really late and open presents XD my baby brother kept on asking everyone how much longer before 1 and 2
which ment how much longer for 12:00am. he looked so cute when he said it though XD when it was finally 12:00 he went and ran to where my mom was and started yellin "IT'S 1 ans 2" we opend the presents after we gave everyone in the family a hug and said "Feliz Navidad" my baby brother got a bunch toys and some clothes, my brother ss4gotenks got clothes and i think it was a football and a gift card to hottopic same as my sister excprt got the getting a football she got earings and other girly things witch she likes! I got a set of clothes a neckles,a giftcard but not from hottopic TT~TT but i did get a teddy bear and a simba plushe from my bestest friend ever Dark-M ^-^
thanx again for the presents they rock XD
well i hope that everyone had an awsome christmas^-^
well better get going and visit peoples sites
see yea ^-^


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