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Saturday, December 23, 2006

hi XD
um how has everyone been? wow its been a while since i actually posted something ^-^' well yesterday was the last day of school till the second of january YAY for winter vacation XD I'm so happy that we finaly got vacation but sad cause i don't get to see my friends from school TT~TT! oh today my moms taking me to go buy some presents for my friends that kinda live close so i'm glad about that ^-^
my mom said that i could be going to my aunts house for chritmas ^-^ i really wanna go i bearly get to see her and my cousins and i really wanna see them >.< well i better go and visit everyones sites hope that everyone has an awsome holiday XD

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1~when did ur winter vacation start?
2~like my new theme ^-^?
3~ what are u doing for christmas?

thanx for visiting XD


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