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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

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HI everyone
how is everyone doing today?
well I hope your doing better then me I'm stuck at home sick! but hopefully not for long I'm suppose to go to an elementure school today to help out with this program called spanish reading club and my mom said that if i feel any better i can go! And i really wanna go I don't wanna miss a day of not going to spanish reading club It beats being stuck home!! yesterday was the worst day ever my and my sister got in an argument we started yelling at eachother and then she ended up calling my dad and my grandma found out! so now shes acting all fucking mean now not like she wasn't before but this time its worse it feels like am living my childhood again all alone and scared of what might happen next scared of myself and people but mostly scared of ever thing my grandma as to say about my dad I hated hearing it as a kid and i hate hearing even more now! and to top thing someone said sommething that my grandma once said to me after I stood up for my dad once as a lil girl!
well I'm off to visit sites

1.Whats the thing you hate most in life?
2.have any after school activites you like to do?
3.would you reather stay home or be some where else?

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Take care everyone ^-^*hugs*

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