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Monday, April 13, 2009

now it has really really been a long time since i got on but i've been trying to recover from a broken hear=[ My boyfriend who is now my ex and the person that i hate the most right now has broken my heart that 2 timing loser!
he lied to me after a year and 10months worth of being together! I loved him so much and he know that i thought he felt the same wat but he decides to cheat on me with like 2 other girls!after telling me that he really loved me and that he wanted to stay together forever and now hes currently dating one of the girls that he 2 timed me with!! worst of all hes been hitting on my sister and my cuzin and right infront of my face 2! ugh but thats so some of my really close friend i'm recovering from the pain that he left me with! anyways other then that nothing really new has happend in my life and i'm kinda hoping that something intersting and exiting happens soon lol. easter was ok so far it was the best day of spring break. now i'm back in school and i'm glad cuz it felt lonely with out my friend they always make life more intersting lol well i have to go but i'ma try and get back on more often and sooner =]
see ya

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