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Sunday, September 16, 2007

wow haven't been here in a while i miss everyone so mega much *hugs all her friends*
well so far schools ok most of my classes are fun and I'm doing pretty good in my classes despite how bad things are going for me but hopefully things get better! there is a girl in school thats getting on my nerves a lot now and its driving me crazy >.<
shes doing the exact same things that she won't let others do, she gets into peoples problems and she doesn't even pay attention to the ones in her relationship!! she tells people to take their relationship slow and not go to fact yet she takes things way to fast in hers!! my friend who is her boyfriend is getting really irradiated with the things she does i wouldn't be surprised if he breaks up with her.
right now i;m talking to my cousins in guatemala through msn its se mega awsome i haven't talk to them in such a long time YAY XD
well have to go work on my ap government homwwork
see ya

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