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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

teehee i don't have school today!! there's a mayor (or was it gov, or maybe senate...?) election going on today!!! ^^

i took a quiz and a test for geometry a few days ago...yippeee!!! i got straight 100%'s!!!!! me so happy!!! i also took a county preassessment in english and yay!! i got a 90%!! (highest in my class...and it's suppossed to be GT!! grr)

1. ok, u guys said education over anime...so how bout...education or true love?
2. how do u feel about wire tapping (when gov listens to ur conversations on the phone)?

my answers:
1. uum...i guess education for now, then TRUE love when i'm a junior or senior in high school
2. i don't really give a crap...all i ever talk to my cousins about are anime and stuff XP

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