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Sunday, January 1, 2006

   New Year's Happiness Regret
Sure, it may be New Years, but that isn't always the best thing in the world! A Happy New Year comes with a lot of cleaning, too. I was told to clean out everything in my room. It was really messy because of my project stuff. Now cleaning it up is going to be a LOT of work! Not to mention, having your Mom at your side telling you what to throw away and what to put where and what to... I mean, what could be worse than that?
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Do you Newtype USA?
Just a few weeks ago, my dad got me a copy of a magazine called Newtype USA. It's really cool. Like, they tell you all the new manga or anime that are coming out. Music, too. It also comes with a free DVD and a poster. Plus, there is a manga insert in the center, too. The one I got, it is Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days.

My dad is subscribing it as my year-round Christmas present (though I got other presents too, but, you know what I mean).Well here's what I'm saying: that magazine is totally awesome!!! I would recommend it for all anime/manga lovers.

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   Back to School!!!!
Yep. It's about time we all get back to school. I mean, Winter Break isn't gonna last forever! My winter break was soooooo boring!!! I just sat around the house, reading and drawing. Not a single vacation!!!
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   Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!!
Well, I guess New Years did come by. But I was still watching tv by the time midnight passed. I didn't even look at the clock when it was 12:00!!! What about my New Years Resolutions? Not much. Just have a jolly ol time and maybe focus a little more on schoolwork than on anime/manga. What are your New Years resolutions?
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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Gosh! It's getting kinda boring! I'm still sitting here, waiting for the new year to come by. I wonder if it got lost someplace...................
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   Oh Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't yet written in my diary for days!!!!!! I've been so worked up about my two projects over the winter break! I was planning to finish the diary before the year ends and start a new one on Jan 1 2006, but it seems that there is still four more pages. Well what am I suppose to write in FOUR pages. Is that even possible??!!?? I have to get another diary, so it probably doesn't even matter anyway (after I'm finished with my old one, I don't have another one). My plans for the New Year have already been ruined and it's not even New Years yet!!!!
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   Last Day of 2005!!!!!!!
Emagod!!!!! It's the last day of 2005!!! Hello 2006! *For those slackers: isn't it a shame to see another year wasted?* But anyway, for those high-achievers: isn't it a pity to see that another year has (simply) gone by...[sigh] Well, I tried to reminisce the good stuff that has happened throughout the year, but I just couldn't think of any (because there were 2 much that they got blogged up in my brain). Anyway, I know for sure that I won't be doing anything special for New Year's Day. No parties. No cruising. No nothing. What are you doing for New Year's Day?
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Friday, December 30, 2005

   Heyyy! I'm sure you know me as Mewprincess...But anyway, this is my first post in my site, so I'm not garunteeing you that it will be all interesting, but...eh...

Gee...I don't know why, but I feel so angel-y today. *Spread out wings and fly away*

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