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Hi and Welcome to my site! My name is Avalon, but my school friends call me TB. I love anime and manga, and will always. If you do too please explore this site! ^_^ Write me back on what you think, and what I can do to make it better! Don't forget to sign my guestbook before you leave!

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

   India.Arie Forever!
Hey my loyal fans,
Well I'm back for another week of music, colors, and as of now India.Arie. Now most of you out there will have no clue who she is since the music world is too wrapped around Beyonce' and Rihanna (Not that their not GREAT but,......they have no soul compared to India.Arie.) She doesn't have million dollar commercial campaigns just raw Amazing Talent. So please enjoy this wonderful theme, because she's one in a million! Later! ^-^

Oh P.S I'm doing fine, I have Monday Off and most of next week are half days. And on Firday I went to the movies with my friend Tiara , my Boyfriend, and some of her family, it was her birthday too.Today I helped my mom in the garden and we painted nails after (Girly slightly) Though she failed to noticed I was painting hers pretty much all black *Evil Cackle* She's a purple lover, I must say I'm lucky to be standing *Cough* Oh I mean Typing before you today. And just resently I've somehow gotten my self into skateboarding, I 'm now able ride it WHILE it's moving, though I have found it that 50% of the time I'm ending up on my ass, but I guess it's just like riding a bike. Oh great. *Please note sarcasem* I was using this old board my friend Josh said I could use (It was old anyway and noone ever rode it) And some "F"ing idiot named Keagen brooke it! I was ready to kill the punk and when I was far away from them I cried a little, I thought my firend would be mad. But no he starts laughing! Yeah rest of the day was eh until I went to the movies, that was great . We saw Pirates of the Carribean! Must see!!!!! And Tomorrow I'm going over to my boyfriend's house to hang out and see a play! I can't wait sounds pretty cool. Well that was longer than needed but whatever, Sayonara!!!

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

   New Theme, New music, shit like that! ^-^
Hey my people!!!!! It's your friendly neigborhood pyscogirl AHOLA!!
Sorry I haven't updated in a while it's been so wierd lately, not to meantion finals are next week!!!!!!! *Screams "No!"*
Well as some of you may know about a month and half ago I dumped up my boyfriend of two months , but we just recently got back together and I must say I'm really happy, I missed him a lot.
Unfortunately his friend Ben keeped calling me yesterday(It was his birthday he had friends over including my bf), I also got a message from them at 1:30 IN THE MORNING!!! Well I must say that was annoying but whatever. Also last week a friend of mine asked me to the movies before my BF got back together, and I said yes thinking it was a friend thing *ahhh* but NOO he told everyone we were going out and that we had a date on saturday, but the idiot forgot to ask for my number so He couldn't call me *HAHAHAHHAHAAHHA VICTORY THANK JESUS!* So today I went swimming in my pool for the first time in a while, and I finally.......GOT TO WEAR MY BIKINI AGAIN!!! ahh ehhhhehe srry random outburst it happens a l- "CHICKEN!" ....ot. my badd. Anyways this week's theme was ummmm........let's just say it was whatever I wanted it to be. I have some new videos too.
1. "Where is your boy?" by Fall Out Boy
2."Without Me" by Eminem
and last but not least3."Hot" by Avril Lavinge
This song was one I picked out for someone.....*wink*
Well everything is going pretty good here in cali, oh almost forgot, I made it into the Gifted and Talented!! (cough They only let me in 'cause I threatened to kill them with my care bear army
cough) lol I hope ya'll like the theme, please to don't hesitate to request a theme!
Sayonara! ^-^ Yours Truly , Avalon
A.K.A "Queen of the nile" Bow down B**ches! :p

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hey people this new theme is sooo awesome, it's OFFICIALLy my fav, it's HIP HOP! Ffrom Rev Run to Lil' Mama. If ya'll don't know who Lil' Mam is. just watch the second vid, it's calleed Lip Gloss and it's awesome. She's the new missy Elliot in My opinion, so sit back and enjoy. Oh....and don't forget to watch the others too. Btw Tomorrow's oour schol' first track meet, and I'm in ShotPut, Diskis, And the 200 (half the track. Though I really shouldn't get nevrous cause we're going against the worst middle school, cook *insert boo's and cussing* So besides that I've got the band concert on Saturday which ends at 3:15, then I've got to go to a party the same day at 3:30 in healdsburg (LONG WAYS AWAY) . *Crys* Well it should all work out, hopefully. Well enjoy the new them, and make sure "Your lip gloss is popin'" lol -From vid #2
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