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Monday, February 18, 2008

Ugh. I'm sick.

I can't stop coughing, my nose is plugged up, and I can't hear very well. I feel like when I breathe someone is rubbing sandpaper in my throat...

But I didn't have to go do school. :]

I went to see the Lion King musical last night! The real Broadway one that is touring around the U.S. It was very, very good, but the seats were expensive, so I felt bad that my mom bought some for the whole family. But she said it was worth it.

Anywho, what's up with you all? I'm sorry that I've missed a bunch of art and commenting, but I've been uber busy lately. Missing school for Florida and then trying to catch up is hard.

I had a forensics meet on Friday night and I didn't get home until 11:30 at night. I was super tired. And I guess I need to practice more because this one judge didn't like me at all. XP



Has anyone read Vampire Knight? It's really good. (It's a manga.)

(I'm working on my art trades. Sorry they're taking so long!)

Umm. Questions?

1) Anything I've missed lately?

2) Any one you know gotten sick this winter?

3) Are your teachers loading you up on homework?

4) Which band: The All-American Rejects or My Chemical Romance?

5) Will you dance with me?

6) What would you do if you were walking down the street and suddenly a vampire appeared out of no where and asked you do go to a dance party with him/her?

7) New art?

Tell me how you are doing! And take care everyone!

*goes to find cough drops*

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