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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wow. A week later and we get a snow day. Jeez.

I'm happy though. Snow days are nice, and we don't have to make this one up. :]

I'm going to Florida tomorrow! *happy* I'm going to be gone until Monday, so I'm sorry if I don't post, comment, reply and all that good stuff. I have the excuse that I probably won't have internet connection!

Not much going on with me. I'm just wishing that I could have gotten more of what I needed from school before we left...

Two new pictures will be uploaded soon! One is a sketchy (WIP) and the other is something for Bluesen12. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get my character up. I'm such a bad person! D':

Anything new with you all?

Seriously. Anything?

Did I miss artwork? I've been kind of busy lately, so commenting is rather troublesome with my stack of homework next to me... *eyes homework*


I'm almost to 200 votes! I'm glad that I have so many nice friends that are willing to vote and comment. Thank you all! *hugs*

By the way, can anyone see anything as my background? I've been trying so hard recently to see if anything shows up... Please tell me if there's anything.

Oh, and that's why my site might be a bit... wonky for a while. It's UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

It's just a shame that I have no idea what I'm doing. ^^;;


1) Any requests, art trades, etc.?

2) Does anyone like the anime/manga of Arina Tanemura? If so, which ones? (I'm currently in love with Gentlemen's Alliance CROSS, but there's almost no other people I know that like it. Same with Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne...)

3) What's something you hate to no end? (Or just extremely dislike?)

4) Do you know how to do HTML? *n00b*

5) Do you read fanfictions or go beyond the anime/manga watching/reading if you are a big fan of a series?

6) Any ideas for artwork? *ARTBLOCK*

7) Cats or dogs?

8) Pokemon or Inuyasha? (Both never-ending series... o.O)

9) Don't you just love fluff?

10) What would you do if you suddenly came across a Pokeball and opened it to find your favorite Pokemon comes out? *reliving the glory days*

From now on, I'm taking a page from Mami-chan's book and having a talkback section. If anyone has any questions to ask me, they'll be answered at the bottom of the page! :D

Take care and tell me what's going down with you all!

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