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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

   COLD DAY!!!!
Ugh. Everything I wrote got deleted. *pissed off* D:<


Here's a run down of everything...

We got a cold day because the school officials were like, "Well, it's too cold to send the wee children out to wait for the buses in negative degree weather, so we're canceling school. Huzzah."

Which is totally fine with me, because it's a day off of school for me. :]

Of course, it totally screws up the schedule for school...

We were going on a field trip today to go snow tubing, but school was cancelled. So it moves the trip to tomorrow. But then on Thursday we were having a test and a project due. So move it back to Friday.

But here's the catch.

Everyone in a music class/group (I'm in our totally awesome band) is going to be gone, touring the elementary schools, so there will be very few kids left in the 8th grade.

So... Move the test and project to Monday. What a screwed up week. o.O

Anyways, on Friday I had my hyperventalating-inducing Algebra exam, and I actually finished early. So I think that went well...

On Saturday, I threw up AGAIN during a soccer game. And thus my blood sugar was SERIOUSLY thrown out of whack. I was really dizzy, and couldn't bend below the waist without getting a serious headache.

I had LifeSavers to, of course, help me out though. :]





But enough about me, what about you guys? What's up with you?

Good? Bad? Too much homework? Crazy weather?

Tell me!

I have two new pictures up, if anyone wants to see.

Five For Fighting

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

Swing, Swing From The Stars

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

I also have quite a few pictures that I have scanned, but I don't feel like uploading them. :d


Art trades: OPEN
Requests: OPEN (for now)
B-day pics: Anyone's coming up?

I'm working on two art trades, so I'll see when I can fit them in. :D


1) What's the weather like where you are?

2) Favorite manga artist(s)?

3) Any series I should check out? (Manga, regular books, anime, whatever.)

4) Have you seen Howl's Moving Castle? What do you think of it? (If not, what to you think of Miyazaki's work?)

5) What would you do if you suddenly woke up to realize you where in an unfamiliar place dressed in a bunny suit, and a hot man/woman just walked into the room talking about a show?

6) Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day? (Anyone special? *winkwink, nudgenudge*)

7) What's the dumbest thing you've done in public?

8) Are you excited for Version Vibrant? (The new update of the/myO.)

WHEEEEEEE! *spins in circles*

So tell me what's up with you all! I want to know!

And any trades and such can be mentioned in a comment or PM. :]

Take care, everyone!


ACE (Writing Box) A
Sculpture A
Video Production A+
Foods/World A
Band A+
Pre-AP Language Arts A-
Algebra A
Social Studies A
Science A

Now how the heck did I manage all As? o.O

And the tubing trip is on Monday, the test the day after.

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