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Thursday, January 17, 2008

   Lined paper = pain in the butt
Heh... Lemon drop.

Anways, has anyone ever noticed how a big pain in the butt lined paper is? I always do my best work on lined paper, and then all the rest sucks on the white paper when I want it to be good. I don't want it to be Murphy's Law! (;-;)

It's snowing! Again! Most of the snow melted in the amazing warm day (near the 50s F) but now it's freezing again. 10s and 20s most of the time. Brr...

Have have things been going for everyone? Good, I hope.

And now for Pudding's ranting week story! YATTA!

So, yesterday was a FORENSIC TRY OUTS. And I didn't choose my piece for prose until the night before. :d

PUDDING'S INFO CORNER: Subject: Forensics (Skip if you know)
Forensics is an extra activity that many school have nation-wide in the US. Basically what it is is a speech and drama team. My school competes with other schools from across the state to see who will rank #1 in the school category. My school has placed last soooo many years because there is a rigged school that gets first...

ANYWAY. There are 16 categories that a person can choose from, such as prose reading (what I did last year and this year), solo acting, group acting, and impromptu reading. Solo and group acting are, obviously, acting. You choose a script and memorize it, then preform it. Whoo! Prose you choose any printed selection and then read it (not memorized) with feeling.


But since I tried out for prose, I thought the competition would be tough.

I was wrong.

Last year it was tough, but this year... Only 5 people tried out, and 7 spots were available. And most of them sucked. A kind-of-friend of mine did great, and I think I did too. But the other people... Not so great. Sorry, people.

What happened? It was so good last year! D:

I'm reading the first few chapters from 'Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment' (prose has to be between 4 and 7 minutes) which is a good book. Actually, the series is FABULOUS. Read it. Now.

My friends all did well, or so I hoped. And we waited... And waited.... We had gotten to school at 6:30 and the meet ended at 9:00. It was supposed to end at 8-8:30. So I'm tired today.

We waited and waited for the results and then we got them! All of friends made it into the categories they wanted! Some people got cut from too big categories.

And I got a 39 out of 42. Which is very good. And I had only been practicing for a day. I'm a procrastinator to the end. XP

Onto a new subject, I had TONS of quizzes and tests this week. And exams are next week. D:

And I think I failed a test on the story 'A Christmas Carol' we did today. I didn't know the vocab.


Tell me what's up, what I've missed with schoolwork these days. Tell me what's good and what's bad. Just do it. :]


1. What do you draw your best on (i.e. computer paper, lined paper, watercolor paper, newpaper, cardboard)?

2. Are you a victim of lined paper? D:

3. What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? :9 And if you don't like ice cream, what sweet do you like?

4. Do you like popcorn? And Popcorn? (Haha, my fan charrie. :d)

5. Do you like to act?

6. What would you do if some random (alive) pop tart came up to you and gave you a popsicle?

7. Have you ever woken up and forgotten where you were?


Take care and tell me what's up!

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