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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

   And the winner for the lamest school...
Goes to my school.

We got about two feet of snow here. All the other school in surrounding districts closed.

All but ours.

It happened last year too. And it sucks so much!

Half of the kids didn't show up at school today, so classes were rather empty.

People complained so much last year that we got the next day off. But I doubt it's going to happen this year. :P

During 4th hour (it probably started earlier, but I couldn't see) there were flakes of snow coming down the size of if you put your pointer finger tip together with your thumb tip. See that big circle? Yeah, that big. Bigger then a quarter!

Besides a crud load of snow and coldness not much is new with me.

I've had lots of homework and as busy as heck. The norm. XD

Two weeks ago my house (our grades are divided into houses; I'm in the Blue house) raised $2,188.30 for soldiers in Iraq. We get to make care packages out of the things they wanted and send them to them. And I was one of the special people who got chosen to go shopping with my teachers. :DD

So when we load up all the stuff into giant baskets and go to check out we'll get some pretty weird looks.

*twirls in circles*

Anything new with you guys? New art I missed? Anything you are dying to tell me? Just tell me right away!

I'll hope to have some new art up later, maybe this weekend.

I've designed a Mew Mew! :O I'll put her up this weekend. I decided to go with the yellow-shouldered blackbird for now. 'Cause birds are cool.

And I have some art trades to do: Blue-chan, don't worry, I'm working on it! I'm thinking of doing a collage. 'Cause I can't just draw one. It would look really bad. XD So a Rock Lee collage it shall be!

Chocolateagle: It'll be a surprise! Kumi or Miyuki or both. So everyone, check out chocolateagle's Kingdom Hearts 3 story. It's good. :]


1) What's the most embarrassing thing you've done in public (or just with your friends)?

2) Have you ever cried at a movie? (I cried at the movie 'Click' :d)

3) Anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong with my background? Why nothing will show up?

4) You like the music I have? I love Hellogoodbye. :D

5) You ready for the holiday break?

6) Have you seen any good movie lately? What are they? If you haven't, just name a good movie you love.

7) What would you do if you broke a hot guy's (or girl's) equipment and suddenly became their assistant to realize that they are a narcissist? (But you still like them a lot. And they can be sweet at times.)

Ooh, sorry about that question. I love the manga and anime Ghost Hunt. Has anyone else heard of it? I know no fans of it. D':

Tell me what's up on your end of the line!

I hope you have a great rest of the week.

Ja ne! Chao! Hasta la vista! Adieu! Aloha! Ciao! Later!

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