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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And.... THE OTAKU LIVES! BWHAHAHAHAHHAHA! *runs in circles*

Yeah, I didn't realize this until a few hours ago... I'm so slow. XP

Well, how is everyone doing? You ready for Halloween?

I'm going to be a flying monkey from the Wizard of Oz, because my friend is doing an Oz group. It'll be awesome!

School has been interesting (if dying from the homework is called interesting) and I'm doing too bad. That's good news to me. ^___^

I'm in a pretty good mood right now, considering I have a PowerPoint on cholera due on Thursday and it's not even half done. And that we had state testing today, and again on Friday. And we had it last week. And we have it next week. IT NEVERS ENDS!!!!! D:

I feel like running around in circles until I fall over. I need to burn some energy.

I got Prismas! YUSS~! I got a 20 dollar gift card to Michael's and then a 50% off one item coupon. Which means I got the 50 dollar 36 set for only 25 bucks. One heck of a deal. :D

But I lost (or rather my mom lost) my inking pen, so I haven't inked anything...

But things will hopefully be colored well, soon! I'm trying to experiment in Photoshop (we got that recently too!) and so pictures will hopefully look better.

Thanks for all the support guys!

1. You ready for Halloween?

2. CANDY!!! *throws candy every where*

3. Will you dance with me?

4. Do you love someone?

5. Do you think Adam rocks because he fixed the site? (I do!)

By the way, I was gone for 4 days, so sorry for not commenting and stuff. I'll try and work on that soon!

Well, have an awesome week peeps!


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Monday, October 22, 2007

It's my birthday! :D

And my brothers better sleep with their eyes open tonight! >:D

For my birthday, today went pretty well. It was cold and rained though. But the worst part of today was the fact that we have state testing for a few days, which included today. Gross...

But we went out to Outback (YEAH!) and the first thing the oldest of my youngest brothers said was, "It's her birthday!"

As nice as it sounds, it was really a sceme to humiliate me. They love to do that And so does my dad. So toward the end of the meal (after countless botherings on the waiter by my brothers) they finally come out and sing. Ugh... But I got ice cream!

... And the minute that I blew out the candle, both of my brothers had already started to eat it. In fact, the youngest of the two stole the cherry off the top and ate it before I even knew there was a cherry there. XP

So otherwise things have gone pretty well. ^__^ I haven't opened any presents yet, and my party won't be until Wednesday (I have off Thursday and Friday).

And my friends sang to me at lunch (and I almost died of humiliation) and gave me a signing card. I liked the card. :D

So now I'm thirteen, and nothing could be better. I even am borrowing 'New Moon' from one of my friends. Cloud nine!

So I'm finally the 13. Whoo!

Well, sorry for boring you with stories. Now for some questions!

1. How was your day?

2. What was the most humiliating thing that happened to you on your birthday?

3. What's your sign? (I feel so stupid for asking that. Total 60's moment...)

4. What was the last thing you said to your family members?

Well, hope you have a great day! See ya'll around!

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

So how was everyones' week?

Mine was pretty good, but I had to cram a ton of Thursday, because I had 3 tests and 2 quizzes yesterday. Ugh, I bet I failed Algebra. RAWR!!

So I have very little homework this weekend, but now I'm tired 'cause it's hot and I just had a soccer game.

And we won again! YAH! :D

I stayed up late last night too, so now I'm tired even more. WHY IS HEROS SO ADDICTING?! WHY?! :P

Well I have some questions for you all, because I need some answers. Actually, I'm just wondering stuff. So let's go!

1. What kind of media (such as markers, pencil, color pencils) do you use to color your pictures?

2. Are Prisma color pencils really all that good, if you've used them?

3. What do you ink with? Where do you buy the supplies? (That was two... Whoops. XP)

4. I'm hungry. Are you?

5. What the weather like where you are?

6. Do you watch the show 'Heros', and do you like it?

My answers:

1. I've used some crappy RoseArt markers, some RoseArt color pencils, and some water colors. And I need to work on them all...

2. I dunno. I want to buy some, but I don't know where. >.<

3. I use a random ballpoint pen that I find, if I ink at all. :D I don't buy them. I find them. ^___^

4. Yes... I need to go make food!

5. HOT! And a bit of wind. Why is the midwest so hot? It's supposed to be FALL.

6. I love it to death. I'm addicted, and on episode 8. But the episodes are so looooong. D:

Hope you have a great weekend! ^___^

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

   Randomly strange (yet good) day
I certainly had an interesting day. It was good and bad at the same time. :p

Well, today it was really rainy. Actually, it was super humid this morning, and because I'm really bad with the weather (I can't predict squat) I wore jeans to school. Whoops.

And everything was ok, I was was just desperately wishing for it to start to rain really hard by my 3rd hour, so that we wouldn't have to go outside. And at my school, we have to run THE MILE twice a year, and I was thinking that we wouldn't run it until Thursday.

I was wrong.

So yeah, even though it was raining a bit, my gym teacher sprang the fact that we were going to run THE MILE. ARGH! Not good. So we went outside onto the track and I was assigned to run the second heat. So everyone finished running (one guy had like, 5 minutes!) my group lined up. We had to find partners first, because my gym teacher couldn't handle us all (we have 31 people in my gym class because of less teachers). So I got stuck with a guy I'm not very found of. Eww. But I ran, and I didn't die (as much as I thought I would) and I ended up getting 7 minutes and 31 seconds. I did worse then last year (I think) but whatever. It's pretty good for a 8th grader, right?

After running, I had to change and go to English. We're reading and watching 'The Tempest' in my Pre-AP class, and I almost fell asleep when she turned the lights out. It was so hot, and I felt so tired... -_-

And the best news of all, when I got home is that apparently my dad finished setting up the scanner. And he taught me how to use it! YAH~! I'm so happy, because now I can upload things. I couldn't with the camera before. SO YEAH!!

So I'll hope to have something up maybe this weekend. That'd be nice. ^___^

27 days 'till my birthday. Then I'll finally be the same age as the rest of my friends. Then I won't be the complete youngest (at least in years, we'll all be tied)!

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Apparently, I've been tagged by ms Ai. So I guess I have to do this, right? This'll be fun. :D

The rules are:
1. Post these rules
2. Each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves.
3. Tags should write a journal/blog of these facts.
4. At the end of the post 8 more people are tagged and named.
5. Go to their page and leave a message telling them they're tagged

And just a quick question. Anyone know if it's eight more people tagged or at the end of post number eight?

Ok, here we go!

1. I'm pretty short for my age, and it makes me mad. I'm around... 5 foot 3 inches. And 'cause I can't do metrics, I can't give any more on that. Sorry.

2. I have a dog and a cat, and a few fish. The dog's name is Pepper, the cat's name is Little One, and the fish are nameless. :D

3. I have a crap load of freckles. Grr.

4. I love to drink milk, and I have very hard nails because of it. They grow really fast, too. XP

5. I like to lay in a sunspot while inside, kind of like a cat or a snake. So fun!

6. I play the alto saxaphone and can't wait to see how much I suck at it this year.

7. I have a mask of Kermit the Frog I made out of basically only paper mache and newspaper in art class. I made it in the 7th grade and it sits on my wall. ^--^

8. My dad works for NASA (it's true! He studies the atmosphere on Mars) and my mom's a doctor. And I couldn't figure out how to open a tent at camp! (I got stuck in there for about two mintues until my friend got me out.)

Let's see what everyone else can come up with! Bwhahahahaha!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I have recently (as in within the past two days) become obessed with Angelic Layer and Negima! and it's very odd. I can't get enough of them, so I'm reading Angelic Layer online because they don't have it at my Barnes & Noble, and my brother had the giant first three volume collection of Negima!, so I read that, and that's how I got hooked. It maybe be sad, but I just felt like telling the world. Maybe I should stop reading so many mangas, and watching so many animes, 'cause it sometimes gets confusing... NAH! :P
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Does anyone know a good place where you can find good anime background to put on your myOtaku page? I've come to realize, that as much as people like my background, it's really starting to make my eyes hurt. And plus, I really want to change it. So if anyone has a good website for .gifs (isn't that what we have to use?) please tell me, I really need a new background that doesn't kill my eyes. Thanks so much!
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Monday, July 30, 2007

Thanks to everyone who has signed my GB or PMed me. It makes me so happy that even though I haven't been able to post anything people still visit my page. Thank you everyone! :D

And I just feel like typing some random stuff...

Does anyone know of a good type of intrument to do inking with on artwork? The only think that I've inked with is a regular ballpoint pen (which doesn't work very well...) and once at school they let us use those professional pens with India ink. It was cool. ^-^ If anyone has any ideas, please tell me.

La la la la la la... My brain's attention span is slowly diminishing, so I'm going to wrap up this very short post. Ja ne!

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Friday, July 6, 2007

   Gotta Love This

You have to admit, it's pretty awesome. Had me on the floor laughing (even though the computer was on the floor...)!

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Friday, May 4, 2007

   ... Here I am.
Well, hello. Somehow you stumbled upon this. I'm apparently computerly-challanged (is that even a word(s)?), and so far, haven't been able to get up a background or basically anything. I still can't figure how to put text on a stupid .jpg and am smashing my head against a wall as I try to figure how to upload things on this. It's killing me. But whatever. I just felt like writing something in this space. So yeah. Ja ne, everyone.
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