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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yesterday Me, my mom and my sister went to the Winstar casino in Oklahoma. It was kinda fun though the slots were all we played were confusing at first. But even after I learned more it still didn't help in the confusing department when it came to bonuses. We played several different kinds. When you're finished with one game and want to more on or collect your winnings you press a button and it prints up a recipt. Though I still wish we had gotten a card there were several you couldn't play with out a player card and with said card you could get $10 dollars just for having Tom Jones concert tickets! But my sister didn't want to do it! I should have when we waited for her to return with the tickets. But I was wandering around to see if my sister returned from getting the concert tickets, I found two recipts one for 70 cents and another for a dime. To me its like hell if they don't want it I'll take it.

Then we sat in the room waiting a little over an hour for the concert to start. It was fun but the first encore the whole audience for some odd reason thought it appropriate to just stand the whole time. It sucked you couldn't see a thing! Thankfully after the first encore song finished everyone settled down and sat down.

I've not been to many concerts but I've never seen ones with Trupets, he called the one with a seal over the trupet to make a different sound something but I forgot, a trumbone and saxaphone.

It was fun, hell getting out with all those people. But it was a sold out concert. Then we had a couple of coupons and we played one game to get rid of them as my sister didn't want to cash in a .15 cent and .96 cent one. So we played a slot to get rid of it and walked away with a total of .08 cents we came home with.

One the way to there we stopped at a mexican resturant called Migulito's. It was really good! In the way home we stopped at Dairy Queen to get ice cream (Milkshakes to be exact)! Though since it was cold and rainy outside the guy thought we were weird! I was surpised it took a little less than an hour to get there. We left about 1pm. and I read a manga book that takes an hour for me to read and I finished all but a little the bonus story going there.

Though I swear here they have a new thing to prevent smokers from smoking in public. Apparently Oklahoma doesn't feel the same. We walked into that casino and its like do they have oxygen masks? It was smoke city! Ug, we we got home we had to shower just to get rid of the smell! We'll have to wash our clothes too, the smoke was that bad!

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