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Friday, May 25, 2007

I made hamburgers and then had mom cut up some real potatoes to cook and then put cheese on it. Well I made the mistake of letting mom help and she poured a lot of water in it! I knew it was a mistake. When the butter melts it will make it overflowed and I knew that! But there wasn't a lot I could do. It made it twice as heavy! So that after I pulled it out barely I put cheese on it and put it back in the over to melt the cheese better. Then I tried to get it out but all that hot water splashed on me and I dropped and broke the glass pan. All the pototes gone! Then mom's all oh well I forgot about you like cheese! I didn't think about it, I like a lot of juice! I don't like a lot of juice and it was too heavy for me to really lift. She said she's dropped things like that too, so it wasn't a big deal! But still I was crying from that and frustration over it! I should have just slid it into the bottom of the oven instead of placing it on the top but I've always done it that way, so I never gave it a second thought. So it was all lost and she did clean it up and made mashed potatoes but that's not the point. It burned my hand and my leg! It's just a hurt and no so much burn now.

Then its like almost everythong I touch or look like falls! Mom said it was time to leave the kitchen. Since things kept falling I agreed!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Well for lunch my sister wanted something different. She wanted Chinese! Well I'm not one for trying new things. So my sister got Wendy's hamburger and french fries for me and they got mom got some kind of chicken, she gave me a one and it wasn't bad. My sister wanted honey chicken (I think it was) and got sesame chicken instead. Well my dister thought well I wont complain on it even though I'm sure this is wrong till I know if it's good or not. Well she liked it. Then we came home and just a few minutes later I felt sick! Oh I've had pain telling me its close to that time of the month before but OH man was the pain bad! Then I felt like I was going to throw up! Thankfully I didn't. I worked on a wallpaper then watched part one of Aishiteruze Baby, I've read about 6 of the manga books and this it seems is one of those series where the anime and manga are about 99% the same only having a few things here and there different.
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I am going to kill my computer!! I had changed the sheets on my bed earlier and a few minutes ago I decided that I should go ahead and fix my pillows and things. Well I leave and when I come back 20 minutes later my computer shows its restarted! I was working on my next chapter for my gravition fanfic and had several pictures on a different wallpaper files ready to have the background editied. I had one where I had the character and the other things I wanted to go with it ready. All I needed to do was decide on a background. Well the freaken computer screwed me over and restated without ever even giving me a clue and now I have to redo that. If now for microsoft words acutomatic retrival I'd have lost that whole chapter too! So if you wish to see a murder computer I'll be happy to show you!
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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Nothing to report
Sorry for the most part my life is boring! My sister came over for a few hours for lunch but that's it.

We did discuss the fact that Friday we saw cops everywhere! Where we work they save recycle. The papers we used to bring home and wait till Tuesday and let the recyle truck take it. Well one day we realized we could get rid of it faster and easier using though recycle trash bins they have at schools. Well we live a block from an elementry school. Normally we would go straight through this street to drop the papers but this cop had one car pull over into that street then waved a second car in and was giving both a ticket! So whatever was happening they had their stingers out! They talk on tv all the time about nonseatbelt wearers getting cracked down on. It was too early in the day and no where near a bar to be drinking. But it was near a stop light so I can;t think of too many things they could have done to get a cops attention!

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Nothing thrilling
We went to work. Though we usually don't have to sweep up the very back, I had been out there earlier and nothing was anymore dirty than normal. Then later some paper that's been shredded was scattered all over the place. They tell us later. Oh we have a big rat running around.

Well we were suppose to go to the grocery store and to the post office. Well we didn't do either one. :(

We went to the dollar store. We're learning that you don't buy milk at the dollar store. It's wayy more expensive! Grocery store maybe 2 at the most. The dollar store we paid 4!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

First I put out the stuff for ARC it's a goodwill truck that comes every month or so. Well it has to be out by 8am and I had it out by 4am.

Then we went to lunch with my sister and then went to get some gas. But we've had to put a lock on it cause they kept stealing the gas. Well mom couldn't get it unlocked so we had to wait.

We got home and mom wanted a nap. So she surpisingly kept her probmise of only half an hour nap. Then she said we'd go to both the grocery store and Lowes. But her go to both locations, not. Its either or. Then she's all but I had meant both! I know you'd said we'd only go to this one but I didn't say anything. I didn't comment, but it's like I wasn't born yesterday. We've been through this before. It's one or the other. Never both!

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Today we went to a tire place cause mom wanted the tires inspected. Well they inpected the tires and did it FREE of charge! We got there in a good time. Just a few minutes after we got there the place was packed! It did clear out some before we left but still.

Well then we wanted to go to PETSMart and get something for Nosey's ears. We had got a coupon for $5 off a $25 dollar purchase or more. I'm thinking we wont buy that much. Wrong! We spent over $40!

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We just ordered new stamps and enough 5 & 1 cent stamps to cover the 39cents, just last week! Then I read a headline that said oh we're uping the stamps to 41cents now! So we're going to go to the post office and let them give us what we need to get enough to be up to date!
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Well yesterday we had to stop in at the dollar store to get something real quick, well that was easier said than done. The main street nearest our house is undergoing repair for a few miles both ways. They finished one side now their doing the other. Well that only means that that gravel drive way. Well its practically been raining almost constantly for the past few weeks. Well the tires squelled when trying to get into the paking lot! I feared we were stuck! But thankfully mom car made it though. First she said we'd go to Jack-in-the-box but then we were going to go to Lowes to get some sevin dust for the fleas! So we first went to Wendy's. Then we went to Lowes and got some flowers that were on sale.
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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Well first we've been cooped up not allowed to go anywhere for about a week or so. Mom developed an inner ear infection that's been making her dizzy. She wouldn't have even gone to a doctor even after my telling her to go, but a lady she works for the one we were water the plants for, told her to go. She's better now after taking the pills the doctor perscribed. My sister had to take us to work and take over for mom last week.

Well today she wanted to go out to eat and then to the grocery store. First we stopped at the dollar store for can cat food. You can't buy it in packages at our local grocery store, which I learned also doesn't sell flea powder! The cats have fleas bad!

Well I had some money left over and decided to get mom something for mother's day. Well the spot that they had set up for ornaments and things was all but empty but for a few things all of which were broken! I wandered around and saw some gardening gnome. If you've seen the commercials for the roming gnome that's basically what they looked like. A few had their noses shaved off but they were $3 and I was sure that with tax that with the cat food, I'd have about a a little over $2 left. So a couple of cute gardenstatues were only $1 each. So I got them. One was a cute little rabbit and the other was a cute little squirrel.

She had said before we left she wanted to eat at a mexican resturant. I felt like she was going to make me starve! She did promise that if I didn't like anything we'd go to Jack in the box. Well after we got her medication Luby's was right behind there. So we went there instead.

Then we went to the grocery store.

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