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Friday, April 6, 2007

where all these mews will be six years after this story:

tsuta:most likely where ever kera is
kera:off fighting her father in the demon world
starlett:somewhere in hawaii after she one a few modeling contest and finally got signed
miya-still a waitress but not at the cafe(muhaha)
jayson:in russia tending to tsukiko's duties when ever she can't
ryan:still attempting to learn russian
ryou:happily married to his teenhood sweatheart chero
keiichiiro:opened a teashop
chero:loving life and scaring kiko with all the candy she eats
tsukiko:the baby was finally born and for the first time in her life she's actually experienced what it is to be happy

sorry I posted so much in one day I just wanted to sum up this story so I can move on to the next one

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chapter13:after the wedding
ryan:*wearing a blue,black,silver,andlight purple tux(like all guys)*
tsukiko:*wearing strapless full length blue gown with silver moons and light purple dragons**silver tiara chainlink with a moon on it*
both:*spying on chero and ryou*
chero:*hugs ryou**muffled words*
ryou:*muffled words*
both:*walk in with there hands laced*
jayson:*smile*I'm very happy for you two

short chappie

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chapter 12:the second party
tsukiko:*dancing with ryou**red floor length 3/4th sleeve dress**tiara placed on the top of my head in the shape of a sun decorated with sapphires*
ryou:you look nice tonight*wearing a black tux(all guys)with a red tie*
tsukiko:thank you ryou...for everything
ryou:what do you mean?
tsukiko:you got ryan and I together
ryou:he told you?
tsukiko:yes of course,he's going to be my husband
ryou:*slight smile*
tsukiko:why don't you take your own advice and tell chero?
tsukiko:*giggle*in other words you'll get around to it and there's no forcing you no matter how hard we try
tsukiko:anyway...you look nice too
ryou:lemme guess you really have no idea what i'm wearing but your trying to return te compliment
chero:*(like all girls)wearing a red 3/4th sleeve mini dress with a sun pattern at the corners**looks at us like we're crazy*
ryou:fine i'll tell her after your wedding ok

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chapter 11:the first party
~the gang is in russia~
*a large stair case is out in front of the group leading out to the balcony members of the royal court and members of the procession are lined up by the staircase waiting for us to walk down it meanwhile we are all upstairs changing*
chero:these dresses are beautiful*girls are in black knee length halter dresses with a criss-cross back*
jayson:you look really good in it chero*guys are wearing a black an all black tux*
ryan:guys we need to start walking know remember how we rehersed it*all nod*
jayson&ryan:*walk with one hand on the railing while ryou and keiichiro walk between them**at the bottom of the stair case they join the procession just like all of the others will do*
tsuta,kera,chero,starlett,and miya:*walk down the center of the staircase one behind the other ina perfect line and join the guys in the procession*
tsukiko:*appears at the top of the staircase**wearing a black floor length halter dress with a criss-cross pattern**hair done up in a ponytail and decorated with daimonds rubies and pearls**walks down onto the balcony**daimond tiara*
duke:*offers me his hand*
tsukiko:*bows gently**starts talking to the public in russian*
~later that night at the party~
chero:kiko you look amazing
tsukiko:thank you chero,you do too
chero:how are you feeling
tsukiko:i'm ok
chero:are you sure
tsukiko:i'm positive
tsukiko:you know maybe its time I taught russia to party tokyo style
chero:*giggle*sounds good
tsukiko:*gets up on mic**the girls in the group walk up behind her*
I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me
I still feel your touch in my dream
forgive me my weakness but I don't know why without you its hard to survive

cause everytime we touch I get this feeling and everytime we kiss I reach for the sky
can't you feel my heart beat fast I want this to last
need you in my life

cause everytime we touch I feel this static
and everytime we kiss I reach for the sky
can't you feel my heart beat so
I can't let you go
want you by my side

your arms are my castle
your heart is my sky
they wipe away tears that I cry
the good and the bad times
we've been through them all
you help me rise when I fall

*sing the other two choruses*

~after the party~
tsukiko:*fallen asleep on ryans chest*
ryan:she's so peaceful in her sleep
kera:yeah-should we take her to her room?
ryan:no I don't want to wake the future tsarita up
jayson:I see you have been studying your russian
ryan:well if i'm going to be tsar I have to know the language of my people don't I?
jayson:yes you do
tsukiko:*wakes up slowly*where's the bathroom?
jayson:chero take her please hurry
chero:*rushes me to nearest bathroom*
~a few moments later~
tsukiko:*wipes mouth with toilet paper*jayson kinda...figured it out guys
ryan:well we all better get some sleep see you in the morning*goes to the room he is shring with jayson*
tsukiko:lets go chero*they go to bed*

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chapter 10:I ♥ you kiko
Tsukiko:*sigh**sitting at a table in the cafe*
ryan:are you ok?*sits down beside me*
tsukiko:i'm fine,why do you ask?
ryan:um...well I care about you kiko
tsukiko:*blush*thank you ryan,thats really sweet
ryan:no problem,i'll always be here when you need me kiko*gets up and leaves*
ryou:*outside*ryan go talk to her...
ryou:she feels the same way...why do you think she hasn't picked someone yet
chero:*thinking*if only they knew
ryan:there is a reason but I don't think she wants you to know...not even jayson knows
chero:*thinking*apparently he does know
ryou:come on ryan your like kiko's version of the blue knight
ryan:0.0 I don't think I want to know what the blue knight is
ryou:just go talk to her
ryan:fine*walks back inside*
tsukiko:*jumps out of her seat*who are you?what are you doing here?I warn you I won't hesitate to kill you
ryan:kiko its ok its just me
tsukiko:sorry...I didn't recognise the sound of your footsteps are you ok?
ryan:i'm fine.would you really have killed me?
tsukiko:no I just said the first thing that came to mind
tsukiko:whats so funny?
ryan:I wish you could have seen the look on your face
tsukiko:I wish you could have felt the vibrations when I said I was going to kill you
ryan:how did yo really feel about micheal?
tsukiko:he was cool at first-but...
ryan:I mean did you really love him
ryan:and that only makes this situation even worse doesn't it?
ryan:*hugs kiko*I'll always be here for you
tsukiko:*crys into his chest*
ryan:I love you kiko
tsukiko:*looks up at him**feels the vibration of his voice**thinking*he's not lying he really he loves me
ryan:...kiko did you hear me?
tsukiko:*nod*I love you to ryan
ryan:*bends down towards kiko's face&lifts her chin up*
tsukiko:*turns eyes away from his*
ryan:*wipes tear away from her eyes*
ryan:*kisses her gently*

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

chapter 9:dundundun
jayson:*creeps over to where ryan is sitting*
ryan:hi jai,is something wrong did she find a husband yet?
jayson:no rai she didn't,but you didn't want her to did you?
ryan:yeah I did all I want for kiko is for her to be happy
jayson:even if that means sacrificing your own happiness?
ryan:no I am happy.
jayson:don't lie to me
ryan:i'm not lying
jayson:ok if your sure.*starts to walk away*I just thought I should let you know you are eligable to be a suitor
ryan:*smirk*she wouldn't pick me any way,i've seen the other guys all amazing.
chero:kiko,why haven't you picked anyone yet?
tsukiko:I-I don't know onee-chan
chero:is something wrong?
tsukiko:the second half of the letter from the duke
chero:what about it?
tsukiko:I have to present russia with an heir by the time i'm 15 in a half
chero:under the circumstances it would be kinda hard
tsukiko:no its not that its just-
chero:kiko you don't mean...
tsukiko:yes I do...i'm looking for someone to be a suitable father
chero:*hugs me*who's the real father?
tsukiko:remember what I told you when we first met?
chero:*thinks for a moment*oh yeah your blind aren't you?
tsukiko:yes,I didn't see who it was but I have a feeling it was micheal
chero:you know who I think would make a good dad?
chero:ryan!*overexcited*I mean he is your age and he clearly loves you...
tsukiko:he-he does?*blush*
chero:*hyper*yep*bouncing up and down*
tsukiko:um-ok*stands up to walk away*chero how much candy have you had today?
chero:I lost count at about 12
tsukiko:0.0*runs away*

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

chapter 8:random chappie thats kinda cute
tsukiko:what is your name sir?(kiko is meeting with suitors)
pie:i'm pie
tsukiko:I can't marry someone who's trying to take over the human race pie*leaves where she was standing*
jayson:found a husband yet?
tsukiko:no...I can't do this anymore jayson...why is this so important anyway?
jayson:you are the grand duchess and its time for you to take the thrown...and a husband
tsukiko:...why didn't you tell me sooner?
jayson:I...i don't know
tsukiko:oh...ok*walks away*
kera:she didn't find anyone did she?*pops up behind jayson*
jayson:no...we all know who she wants as a husband
chero:but...?*pops up behind kera*
jayson:neither of them would ever admit to it
ryou:then we'll have to make them*pops up behind chero*
keiichiro:*smile**pops up behind ryou*
jayson:deal...if you guys stop doing that!

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Monday, April 2, 2007

chapter7:the outfitsthat everyone will wear...except kiko...and the guys
you know technically where i'm at its only 10:26 p.m so this shouldn't be counted as a new day but oh well

jayson:did you guys open your boxes yet?
jayson:there should be three outfits each
kera:why three?
jayson:the first one is for when we introduce kia-i mean kiko to russia,the second is for her bachlorette party and the third is her wedding
tsukiko:do we have to dance?
jayson:yep they even went as far as to match us up
chero:how'd they match us up
jayson:well for the introduction party were going with a best friend of the same gender,the bacholorette party we're all matched up by looks,and for her wedding you dance with the person she chooses for you
tsukiko:great...I just have one question
jayson:what's that?
tsukiko:how do we plan a wedding with no groom?
jayson:well we have a few suitors who are ready to marry you you'll have to pick one of them...*smirk*unless you can think of someone else.

ok that was a very short chappie espeacially coming from me.oh well in case anyone was wondering the pairings for the parties they are going to be
(party 1)
(party 2)
(party 3)
tsuta-jayson-_-poor jayson kiko paired him with a little girl

(party 1)
all wear a black knee length halter dress with a criss-cross back there hair is pulled back into a bun
(party 2)
all wear a red 3/4th sleeve mini dress with a sun pattern
(party 3)
all wear a strapless fulll length blue gown with a moon pattern in the corners

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

chapter 6:???
out of random boredness because no one is on i'm going to post another chappie today

~at the cafe~
Kera:why would anyone want to get married at 15?
Chero:I don't know maybe thats the way they do things in russia
Jayson:in russia women get married anywhere from the age of eight to twelve so kiko is getting married considerably late
Kera:yeah but why is this happening to kiko I mean its not she a grand duchess or something
Jayson:*mumbles*yes she is
Chero:what we couldn't hear you
Jayson:kiko is the grand
duchess her real name is Kianna Rene Lee and i'm the duke with sloppy handwriting*walks out of the room*
Kera:I wonder if she knows
Chero:I doubt it Kiko would never lie to us about something like that
Ryou:*walks in the room*
Kera:chero your drooling
Ryou:ladies these dresses were sent in the mail for you
Chero:who are they from
Ryou:all the box says is russia...*walks out of room*
~later that day~
Tsukiko:did you guys see those dresses it's like I was a princess or something!now all we need is a husband(if you know me personally this is ironic)(kiko does not know she's royalty)
Chero:how about Jayson?
Tsukiko:no!I can't marry him he's like a brother
Kera:well kiko who do you like?
Ryan:kiko did ryou give you your dress?
Tsukiko:no mine wasn't sent yet but i've seen everyone elses
Ryan:yeah they're beautiful
Ryan:I can't wait to see you in your dress you'll be beautiful
Kera:and she's not beautiful now?
Ryan:umm...well she um..*blush* I gotta fo do something over there*points towards a bathroom(by accident he doesn't have a clue what he's pointing at)
Tsukiko:*blushing*why did you guys do that?!
Chero:because you like him
Tsukiko:no I don't!
Tsukiko:I wouldn't laugh look where it got micheal
both:respect your elders young lady!

a/n:right now in the story kiko is 14 kera 15 and chero 16 which is also ironic because both the real kera and chero are older then me and in this same basic order too

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chapter 5:how do you plan a wedding without a husband?
I now hate this story because I have no good chappie's to look forward to really oh well enjoy

Kiko:*looking down at her blood stained hands
Ryan:*wraps his arm around her shoulders*you know this wasn't you fault right?
Tsukiko:yeah I know there's just one problem with micheal being gone...
Ryan:what is that?
Ambulence driver:miss you should go clean your self up
Coach:hit the showers lee
Tsukiko:yes sir*goes to the boys showers*
classmate:hey coach if she's in the showers what are we going to do its not like we can shower with her
Coach:ryan I want you to check on her I don't know if she's feeling all that well and I don't want two dead students
ryan:0.0 ok*goes into the locker rooms*
classmate:why'd you pic ryan?
coach:two reasons 1)she trust him and 2)he's not a pervert like over half of the guys in this class
girls from other school:*back away slowly*
~in the locker room~
Ryan:hey kiko?are you ok?
Tsukiko:yeah i'm fine*trying to wash hands in a sink*
Ryan:you know your never going to be able to wash the blood off that way,her let me help you*grabs kiko's hands and starts wiping them off with a spare towel*
Tsukiko:thank you ryan
Ryan:*smile*its no problem,now what were you going to tell me earlier?
Tsukiko:I was going to tell you...
~back in the gym~
Coach:they've been in there a long time aoyama.wei,friend of aoyama and lee-
Coach:-go check on them*all got to locker room*
~in locker room~
*the group walks in*
Tsukiko:well um... about a month ago I got a letter from a duke in russia...and I have to get married before my 15th birthday!
Tsukiko:I don't know he wrote pretty sloppy and I couldn't read it very well
Ryan:...let me guess you were going to marry micheal
Tsukiko:yes...but not by choice he made me read the letter to him
Kera:how does someone make you read them a letter?
Tsukiko:*sigh**shows them a burn on her back*
Chero:he did that to you?
Tsukiko:yes...what am I going to do i've got two weeks to find a husband!

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