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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Konichiwa-minna! Today is my little sister's birthday ^^ happyb-day! She turned twelve today, so I made her tweleve cards ^^;
Shizuka's birthday is tomorrow and she got Tales of the Abyss today ^^ I'm so excited, but she can't play it yet because we lost the PS2 memory card.... My mom just went to the store to buy another one, so I'm anxiously waiting ^^;;

We also got more volumes of Fruits Basket ^^
Reading Fruits Basket never fails to make me smile; it's just the best manga ever. It's so exciting to learn more about my favorite characters and to meet new ones. I could talk about it forever ^^;;

I hope everyone's having a great week! And I apoligize again for not updating recently... It seems like something always keeps from it, but I'll keep trying! ^^;;

Take care!

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