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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Still Smiling
The sun finally came out yesterday! And we had a picnic, just like the picture I posted ^^

Today I was looking up the names of characters from HagaRen(FMA) to see what they mean. Edward means guardian of prosperity, Alphonse means noble and eager, and Roy means king, which I thought was pretty funny ^_^

I've looked up the names of TOS characters before, too. Colette means victory of the people, or people's victory. And Lloyd means gray XD I found Kratos' name in an old dictionary of Greek words (don't ask why we have such a thing...) It means strength, dominion, and power. I'd say that suits him pretty well ^^

*yawns* I guess I'd better get going. Take care minna!

All must bow down XD

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