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Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm not dead!
Ok.....I swear Ra-chan says the same thing every time she posts....anyways....so how've you all been? Good I hope, sorry for not getting on and commenting as much as I used too, but I hope that you understand that I have to focus on school.

Anyways, life has been okay so far, been rather busy with school work (and video games), but all in all nothing has happened that I can complain about. The other day I was origionally going to buy food, but I made the mistake of walking into the mall....and yup...I bought stuff. Thing is, it wasn't games!! O_O *pale of thunder* lol I bought new black and white shoes with a white dragon design on it, two black pants, and a black shirt (a naruto shirt)....what....I like the color black..and yes....even though its the total absence of color, it is still a color. lol Other than that, the anime club I joined is practicing a dance routine that we'll play later this month. Yeah....let's just say that its a dance that I would never even try if it weren't for the club. lol In fact.....I'll post the dance at the end of this.

So I In closing, it seems I need new glasses cuz my old ones broke. You see...we were messing around before it and a friend started to roll trying to get me, I then rolled/got on all fours(no idea on how to explain it) and got out of the way causing my glasses to go flying off and then she kinda ent them when she when her head went over them; and when I tried to fix them, you guessed it, they broke in half. -_-'

Yeah....just imagine a tall, tan-skinned guy doing all that...lol

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