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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hiya everyone, yeah....sorry that I haven't been on for quite a while....I blame school....and my new video games...but mostly school. lol Kinda ironic, I told my dad that I wouldn't buy amy more things that I don't need, and in the first week Im back I bought 3 games! XD Lemme see....I bought: Star Ocea 'till the end of time (currently playing), Radiata Stories, and Rouge Galaxy. ^_^ Sad thing is, the forst two games that I bought are games that I could've borrowed from Ra-chan. -_-' lol Anyways, other than that....nothing much has happened. Except for the fact that for two days straight I helped my French professor with computer things. Yesterday I installed RealPlayer and today it was some anti-virus thinsg. Funny thing is, I know very little about computers (other than the basics, you know, "surfing" and stuff) and I owe it all two my old desktop that went through virus hell and a friend who fixed it for me....and had to kill(delete evrything) my desktop twice that hald a lot of yu....err.....videos....hehe....and dir en grey music videos of course. XD

To mysterioushanyou: of course I like Mac and cheese! ^_^

to xaos: I have no middle name. ^_^'

to Millenium ring: not sure, I've gotten an A for almost every song I've played in begginer and Basic

to the 78th dude:...is that even a questions??? O_O lol

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