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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

School has now started...yup..today was my first day of school and I have to say that I have high hopes for the semester, so far Core class was pretty interesting and it seems that one day they're gonna take us to a field trip....which will my a miracle since there are so many students in the class....it's being taught in the auditorium(sp?) and even then it was nearly full. lol Yet oddly enough, Kelly and I were the only two in the front row. XD Afterwards it started raining and we went to my dorm to play cards, we first played go(ld?) fish and then poker. I joked around and said that we should play strip poker instead....which is a good thing that we didn't since I lost almost every game...besides...I think Jordan would kill me...and so would Ra-chan. ^_^' lol Lemme see...then we went to French class which has a very big room....and only 9-10 students in it...which is awesome I guess. That was pretty much my entire day, boring, huh? lol Well, that'll be all, see ya!

Random questions:
1) Light or Dark?
2) Would you rather have the power to create or to destroy?
3) Love or money?
4) Any of you play DDR?
5) Ask me anything.

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